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I’ve Come to Love Doing Mindless Routine Chores!

By Hanneke Geraeds.

Before I learned about Natural Rest I kept postponing mindless routine chores, like plucking weeds, vacuum cleaning, mopping the floors, cleaning the bathroom, ironing or painting walls or window-frames.

Now I don’t mind doing them anymore. I play this game: trying to catch the moment when I fall from doing them in a Mindful way into doing them mindlessly. I didn’t succeed yet…

Today I started off ironing Mindfully, in Natural Rest. Seeing wrinkled fabric change into smoothed fabric, hearing the steamy breath of my iron, the whisper of fabric against fabric, smelling the sweet odour of detergent, feeling warmth underneath my fingers and a damp warmth touching my cheeks, hearing words saying: “I like this dress.” and then pictures of our daughter and me buying it in an unfamiliar shop in another town. Seeing her happy smile because she bumped into what would become her favourite dress later.

Typing this, I can see now, this was the moment I should have caught to win my little game. But I didn’t. And somehow I did notice the story the words created, I realize now. I did because I’m able to at least reconstruct the thought train, which went from my smiling daughter to reasons why we were there in that town, how things have evolved from that point onward. Telling myself it turned out well. Followed by worrying about the future. And at that moment I noticed I stopped being Mindful, I stopped Resting Naturally. The worrying words were velcroed to a tightening sensation in my stomach. Feeling this physical sensation from within. Then hearing the voice of my thoughts again. And the moment I started hearing them, they stopped in the middle of the sentence as it happens often like this for me.

It reminds me of a time when I was chatting with a class mate and suddenly noticed the whole class being silent, then noticing the strict look on the teacher’s face, looking at me…

Though I didn’t win my game, I can Rest Naturally again, enjoying colours, sounds, structures, physical sensations and new words when my voice in the head has grown confident again to go on. And in the meantime, chores get done.


  1. Robert Turano says:

    Wow same here…i felt urgent r esistence to every task…still some left but the freedom to be with what’s happening including the inner narrator is a new way to cruise through days…fun has bloomed where frustration and misery used to live…..thank you for this piece of flowing work..

    • Hanneke says:

      Thank you, Robert, for sharing your experience. So recognizable???? As Scott Kiloby says: Rest. Inquire. Enjoy life. Let’s enjoy life!

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