Paul Zelizer“In my work as a business and marketing coach specializing in wisdom brands, I have the blessing of working with many people and companies with a higher than average degree of awareness. However, in working with the Living Inquiries team, I was truly struck by how well the team collaborated and how deeply they practiced a deep spirit of community.


There’s quite a bit of talk in the consciousness world about shifting from “me to we”. But in the 30+ years I’ve been doing this work, I’ve come to see that talking about this and practicing it are two very different things.

From this perspective, I can honestly say that working with the Living Inquiries team of practitioners was extraordinary. The quality of the listening to each other was palpable. The way that they worked together as a group between sessions far and above what I’ve seen.


This is a community where egos are checked at the door and the inquiry into what’s the highest good is treated with reverence. I also have had the opportunity to work on my own issues with two trained Living Inquiries practitioners with rapid and lasting results.


A transformative healing modality with a world class community. I can’t recommend both the technique and the people with any more enthusiasm!”


Paul Zelizer, Conscious Business Coach. Visit Paul’s site.

“The process itself is very enjoyable in the sense that it’s an opportunity to stop, sit and look with someone who wants to help you stay on track, at what really is in the way of peace and a quiet mind. I find that through the process of looking for different aspects of myself that I believe to be solid and real, as well as looking for memories and beliefs that I’ve carried for most of my life, I end up empty-handed. And that’s good news!”

“About a month ago I started doing sessions again and have again found access to more relaxation, stillness and emptiness. Beliefs and fears, once dismantled and separated into their different aspects, like images, words, sensations, dissolve and fall away. I find I don’t usually remember what was in the way, or what was stopping me or hindering me from this or that. Once the looking fails to turn up any real evidence of that which we thought was so true, and we see and experience the sensations that those beliefs carry, we are free. And Living Inquiries is a simple and direct process of challenging these old systems and all of the so-called evidence that supports them.”

“After trying multiple different therapies, over many years, Living Inquiries has in a very short time released debilitating anxiety that has been holding me back for a very long time.” N.P.

“The Inquiries really helped me see and feel the truth in many situations that seemed so confusing (and threatening) until they were looked for. Natural Rest has become an essential part of my everyday life. With these tools, I’m able to see the world around me with clarity.” Heidi Mayo

“The Living Inquiries gave me my life back. Before the Living Inquiries, I had spent 4 years literally locked in a room drowning in a state of apathy and despair. Suicide, at that time, seemed to be the only way out of the misery. Doing the Inquiries and Resting as Awareness has helped not only to free myself from that reality, but propelled me into a new life I never dreamt possible.


It has helped me lose 150 lbs far more easily than I ever dreamed possible. 20 pounds basically fell off in days from seeing through the story of “No one likes me.”


Further, I was able to quit smoking during an incredibly challenging time of life, quit medicating myself daily with marijuana, quit eating fast food daily, quit my voracious sugar addiction…all without effort or much discomfort thanks to Rest and inquiry!


I now have peace, amazing relationships with my family, confidence, energy, a heart filled with love and joy almost daily, and wonderfully I don’t hate myself anymore.


So yeah, pretty much everything in my life has been changed through the Living Inquiry. Completely and profoundly grateful.” J. Long

“My inquiry, like my life, is continuing. Things that seem good happen. Things that seem bad happen. And less and less of it causes suffering. I am often grateful in the midst of challenges that used to cause stress….I don’t have a good word for the experience, but peace is as good one as any.” W.M.

“I have been exploring various coaching modalities since the 1970s. I trained and practiced in several, all with good success in terms of effectiveness. However, I can say without a doubt that the Living Inquiries process is by far one of the simplest and most effective tools in the coaching (facilitating) industry.” Joe Gagliano, Certified Awakening Coach

“Like Michelangelo said when he sculpted his beloved David, ‘You just chip away the stone that doesn’t look like David.’ And so it is with the work of Kiloby. The Living Inquiries enable us to chip away the false hardened places that conceal the essence of our bare and fundamental nature that lies at the core of our spirit and the center of our hearts. ” H.M.P

“I am doing the Living Inquiries Training and finding I’m treating this course differently than I’ve ever treated any endeavor in my life. I have always been driven to succeed, to establish mastery, to become expert and competent at what I begin. I needed to justify my existence by doing and accomplishing. I’ve taken a giant step back from that strategy, willing to learn experientially in whatever time it takes instead of coercing myself to master the material. The gift of this course and the Inquiries to me is immeasurable. I don’t have to do anything other than be exactly who I am. This work is amazing.”