We have compiled these resources so you can explore the Living Inquiries in the way that suits you best. Learning to inquire is much like any other skill: it takes practice and some persistence. We hope you’ll find what you need here to deepen your understanding of the Living Inquiries. If you have an idea about other resources which may be helpful to you, let us know and we’ll do our best to produce them.


We have a series of videos on the Living Inquiries. It is useful to watch these before you begin inquiring. Some of our facilitators have also made videos describing the inquiries and demonstrating self-facilitation. We have included other videos that cover topics such as the Living Inquires and health issues, and working with children and bullying.
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Our audio page contains recordings of facilitated sessions. Even though each session is entirely unique, listening to these recordings will give you a sense of how a session may unfold. We also offer a variety of guided rest and meditation audios.
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Fiona Robertson has written two books on her own process with inquiring and our facilitators write occasionally for other journals and forums, including Elephant Journal. We also occasionally include transcripts of various sessions.
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