These meetings are based on Scott Kiloby’s book “Natural Rest for Addiction”. Whatever we are addicted to, even if what we are addicted to is our thoughts, Natural Rest groups provide a place for support and sharing.

Anyone can form a Natural Rest Group, either in person or on-line. You do not need to be a Certified Facilitator. These groups meet weekly and there is no cost. They can be around a specific topic or addiction in general.

For more information about starting a group, contact us.

Thursday Natural Rest Sexual Compulsions Support Group Online

With Greg Ascue

This regular Thursday group is for both men and women and focuses on sexual addictions and compulsions. Are sexual compulsions/addictions or pornography diminishing your quality of life? Through the use of the Living Inquiries, we help support the turning and facing of the stories and conditioning that drive compulsive and addictive behaviors around sex or pornography. With your willingness to learn and use the practices practised here, you may find you have the means to break free.
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