In this profound and intelligent book, facilitator Fiona Robertson acts as companion and guide through the dark night of the soul, one of life’s most challenging experiences. The dark night – or spiritual emergency – is the underbelly of awakening, an aspect of inner transformation that is often minimized, misunderstood or denied. Fiona has captured the essence of the dark night journey with compassion and clarity. Weaving her own story together with those of others who have traversed this terrain, she has created an evocative, inspiring work to give succour to all those who are touched by the dark night. Fiona’s honesty and insight cast new light on the reality of awakening, and she makes a compelling case for mature, evolving spirituality in these troubled times.

As author Jeff Brown writes, Fiona Robertson’s new book is “a grounded, depthful and beautifully hearticulated description of the dark night of the soul journey. The perfect book for anyone who is truly ready to confront and transform their shadow into the light at its source. Highly recommended!”

Fiona RobertsonThe Dark Night of the Soul: A Journey from Absence to Presence is a companion guide for all of those who are in the difficult terrain of deep inner transformation.

This book is resonating with many people. One reviewer recently wrote:

“Having found myself terrified and overwhelmed in my own unraveling process several years ago, and still grappling with it in new and old ways, this book feels long overdue…What I appreciated most was the way she presented it: honest, unapologetic, and down-to-earth…My hope is that her book finally gives us permission to openly and frankly discuss an aspect of human development that so many of us have found ourselves struggling through, and my guess is that as the world shifts, many more of us enter.”

For several years before discovering inquiry, Fiona Robertson went through an intense dark night of the soul (sometimes called a spiritual crisis or emergency). In her new book, The Dark Night of the Soul: A Journey from Absence to Presence, Fiona shares her insights on this profound human experience, and how it teaches us to be truly present to ourselves and to life itself.

More and more of us are now going through this process of falling apart – and the world itself seems to be in a dark night. We are being called to evolve in fundamental ways – the old paradigms are no longer sustainable – and that means questioning everything we believe, including our spiritual beliefs, to realign our relationship to ourselves, our experience, and each other. In this discussion, foreword writer Jen Peer Rich and Fiona discuss many aspects of the dark night and the realities of this profound awakening process. If you would like further support or to join her dark night monthly gathering, please contact Fiona.

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LI BookWhat happens when everything you thought you knew about yourself is untrue? In The Art of Finding Yourself, Fiona Robertson reflects on her own experience of discovering and living with the life-changing process of discovery. The Living Inquiries invite you on an inner journey to examine and dispel the stories that make you feel separate, inadequate, or otherwise “wrong.” With this book, you’ll learn how to deal with “the stuff of life” both before and after that false sense of self and separation has slipped away.

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