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Breathing through the Feet: Regulating the brain and nervous system through loving kindness. Part one.  Lisa Meuser (40 minutes)

This was inspired by a dear client and friend, who was looking for a meditation/rest that doesn’t focus on the breathing of the chest and belly. In this video we slow down, and gently explore being in our bodies, getting curious about our experiences and contexts in kind and compassionate ways. We explore breath through the feet, and see what happens as we connect from there, learning how to call forth that which connects us to our well being. This is part 1 of a series on exploring breath, body, and learning how to regulate our nervous systems. Please contact me with requests for future videos: https://integrativehealingnow.com


Fiona Robertson interviewed by Zahra Achouak: Book Launch in Amsterdam. (1 hour 48 minutes)

Living Inquiries Senior Facilitator Fiona Robertson joins Zahra Achouak in Amsterdam to talk about her new book, The Dark Night of the Soul: A Journey from Absence to Presence. In the beautiful surroundings of the Buurtboerderij, Zahra and Fiona discuss many aspects of the dark night journey, including falling apart, the nature of the persona, the feeling of pain, and discovering the hidden parts of ourselves. This honest conversation and the questions which follow may be of support to anyone who is in or has gone through a dark night of the soul or any kind of spiritual crisis or emergency.

Scott Kiloby and Fiona Robertson: Joint Book Launch Discussion. (2 hours 15 minutes)

Scott Kiloby and Fiona Robertson have published books about the Living Inquiries – Scott’s The Unfindable Inquiry and Fiona’s The Art of Finding Yourself.
In this video of the online book launch they discuss what the Living Inquiries are really about, how they came about, and much more besides, including a Q & A session with participants.


The Innocence and Beauty of Life Seeking Life.  
Lisa Meuser (13 minutes)

Seeking from our mind is often an endless ride on a hamster wheel. Seeking from our being is part of our inheritance as a living being. (Read more here)

In this short video Lisa will be chatting about experiential seeking. Enjoy!

Safely Exploring Sensations, Using ‘Mining’ Self Inquiry.
Lisa Meuser (19 minutes)

In this spontaneous and casual video Lisa Meuser speaks about our sensations, and how to explore them.


On Realising the Political is Personal. 
Fiona Robertson and podcast host Richard Cox (50 minutes)

Fiona Robertson comes back on the Deep State Consciousness podcast to talk about her essay On Realising the Political is Personal. Fiona and podcast host Richard Cox discuss how our political positions are inextricably linked to our core beliefs about life, both in terms of the positions we hold and the dogma or open mindedness with which we hold them. They go on to discuss how cultivating a relationship with a sense of self which is deeper than the opinions we hold can allow us to drop our addiction to certainty and engage with people in a more relational way. They ponder what the implications of this would or could be for our polarised political climate. What if we were all open to inquiring about all our political viewpoints?

Supporting Children and the Child Within. 
Fiona Robertson (4 minutes)

Fiona Robertson talks to Paul Goddard about how the Living Inquiries can support children to be with their feelings and how – at any age – we can give the inner child parts of us the acknowledgement, love and support they have been waiting for.

The facilitator in The Netherlands who is working in schools with children on bullying is Hanneke Geraeds. If you’d like to know more about how the Living Inquiries can help in bullying situations, you can contact her at [email protected]

The Anxiety Inquiry with  Fiona Robertson being interviewed.
(4 minutes)

Fiona Robertson talks about how the Anxiety Inquiry came about and how it works.

Anxiety Inquiry And ‘Mining’- Safely Exploring Anxiety, Using Self-Inquiry. Lisa Meuser (16 minutes) 

In this casual, spontaneous video Lisa Meuser leads you through the Anxiety Inquiry so that you might use it while inquiring on your own.

Self-inquiry Using Mining.  Fiona Robertson.
(22 minutes)

Fiona Robertson demonstrates the mining technique, which is an essential part of the Living Inquiries process. By ‘mining’ unconscious content – words and images – out of a ‘stuck’ sensation, contraction or feeling, unconscious beliefs or self-identities often come to light. As the unravelling continues, the contraction often loosens, changes or dissolves.

The Living Inquiries, with Fiona Robertson and Richard Cox.
(31 mins)

Richard Cox, from Deep State Consciousness podcast, discusses the evolution of the Living Inquiries with Fiona Robertson and what it means to bring the Inquiries into our lives.


The Living Inquiries for Children and Bullying.
Julie Klopp interviews Hanneke Geraeds (17 minutes)

An interview with Living Inquiries Facilitator Hanneke Geraeds who works with children on bullying.


Anxiety Inquiry With Physical Pain: “My sinuses are killing me”.
Mari Tveito (13 minutes)

A mini session of Anxiety Inquiry, showing how physical pain can reveal much more when we take a closer look.

Getting To Know You; Resting With What Is Here Now.
Lisa Meuser (15 minutes)

This video is a facilitated/guided rest for a course Lisa Meuser led. Use the pause button when it resonates so that it can be at the pace that resonates for you.


What Is Happening Now: Real Time Noticing, Moving Towards Direct Experience. Lisa Meuser (12 minutes)

As part of a course “Getting to know you”, we talk about connecting with what is happening now, direct experience, and a simple exercise of real time noticing. Enjoy!


Terror: Part 1. Lisa Meuser (5 minutes)

A course participant asks about the experience of terror, in general but also when perceiving the vastness she experiences at times while meditating. Part 1.

Terror: Part 2. Lisa Meuser (5 minutes)

During a deepening course, a participant asks about the experience of terror in general but also when perceiving the vastness she experiences at times while meditating. Part 2.

Q and A: Compassion and Inquiry, how they weave together.
Lisa Meuser (15 minutes)

Please pardon the lack of visuals! This video was inspired by a client’s question. Her questions has come up repeatedly so Lisa Meuser decided to answer her via video. Please enjoy! And feel free to ask any follow up questions.


Bringing Compassion, Understanding and Resources To Trauma. Lisa Meuser (20 minutes)

An educational and experiential exploration into trauma, and how compassion and understanding, and resources, can support the integration process as we journey through life.

Resting with an agitated mind and nervous system. 
Lisa Meuser (28 minutes) 
During this video I will keep bringing you back to the simple things of this moment to help ground and stabilize your nervous system. Repeating the video and doing it a few times, or repeating sections a few times, may be helpful. Listening often will also be helpful in re-wiring your habitual brain patterns. After listening you may be then ready to do some more meditation and/or self-inquiry.

(In the video I say you could do this while driving- I mean to say while *riding*. Please do not do this while driving. :-))

Exploring dis-ease with the Living Inquiries.
Melanie Gray (5 minutes)
Here is a 4-minute video that invites you to explore dis-ease… May it open a few doors for you.

Many people experience low-level restlessness, agitation, slight irritation, tension or a sense of pressure; a need to keep moving ahead, to get on with things or move quickly on to the next thing.  In fact, many people Melanie Gray has worked with consider it normal–a by product of our busy world.  In this video, she invites you to explore that within yourself.  It just might free you up a bit…

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