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We are delighted to introduce you to our Certified Facilitators. You are very welcome to contact any of us if you’d like to know more before booking a session. We are always happy to chat on Skype or over the phone before you commit.

We each bring our own unique flavor to the Living Inquiries. You may resonate with some facilitators more than others, and it’s important that you work with someone with whom you feel safe and comfortable. So take your time to browse, read and listen.

How you inquire is entirely up to you. Some people like having weekly sessions, others monthly, and many simply reach out when they feel the need or desire to inquire. The facilitators can also help you to learn self-inquiry if you’d like to develop the skills to look for yourself.

As facilitators, we continue to do our own inquiry. This commitment to our own deep looking allows us to be present to our clients without an agenda. You are welcome to bring any kind of issue, problem or topic into your sessions. All you share will be openly received in a non-judgemental way.

If it’s difficult to decide who to contact, let us know and one of us can walk you through the process, so that you find the facilitator most suited to you and your needs. All the facilitators listed on this site offer sessions online. Some may also offer sessions over the phone or in person. And each of us are happy to have an initial (complimentary) chat with you so that you can ask questions, discuss what you are looking for and see how it feels to connect with that facilitator – with no obligation to then book a session.

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Certified Facilitators

Melanie Balint Gray
Weyers Cave, VA, USA

Sumitra Judith Burton
Eugene, Oregon, USA

facilitators-The Living Inquiries - Greg Ascue

Greg Ascue
Sunnyvale, California, USA

Luke Hay
Helsinki, Finland and Queensland, Australia

facilitators-The Living Inquiries - Mari Eckhoff Tveito

Mari Eckhoff Tveito
Oslo, Norway
English, Norwegian, Swedish, Danish

facilitators-Marcia Martin

Marcia Martin
Miami, Florida, USA

facilitators-Fiona Robertson

Fiona Robertson
Nottingham, UK

Kristy Johnsson
Wyoming, USA

Dorene Palmer
Dublin, Ireland

Olaug Rønningsdalen
Norwegian, English, German

facilitators-The Living Inquiries - Lava Mechthild Ewersmeyer

Lava Mechthild Ewersmeyer
Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA / Berlin, Germany
English, German

Lisa Meuser
Bloomington, Indiana, USA

Hanneke Geraeds-de Vries
Venlo, The Netherlands
Dutch, English

George Morgano
New York, NY, USA

Julia Stolk
Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

Phil Gardner

Colm Burgoyne

facilitators-The Living Inquiries - Fiona Murphy

Fiona Murphy
British Columbia, Canada

facilitators-The Living Inquiries - Olivia Stewart Liberty

Olivia Stewart Liberty
Oxford, UK

facilitators-Kelley Duilio

Kelley Duilio
Portland, Oregon, USA

Renee Marie
Iowa, USA

“This is a community where egos are checked at the door
and the inquiry into what’s the highest good is treated with reverence.”
Paul Zelizer, Conscious Business Coach