Welcome to the Living Inquiries. We are glad you’ve found your way to us. The Inquiries are an intimate and fully embodied exploration of both our felt experience and our beliefs. The Inquiries invite us to discover what has previously remained hidden or unconscious, allowing an unraveling of thoughts and feelings which can bring a new-found sense of freedom. Whatever your life circumstances and whatever challenges you face, here are the broad brushstrokes of our invitation to you.

The Living Inquiries are transformational. Move beyond endlessly trying to fix yourself. Learn a simple process that unravels the belief systems and conditioning that seem to define you. Find out who you are by discovering what you’re not. Find your innate capacity to be okay (even when you don’t feel okay).

Honor and embrace your experience. Listen deeply to your mind and body, and become gently and honestly present. Integrate your abandoned, neglected or rejected parts as you gradually learn to love yourself. Tenderly hold your wounds and negative self-beliefs, beyond judgement and shame. Discover the natural spaciousness in which resistance and effort relax. Experience the relief of ending the war against yourself.

Connect deeply. Connect with the deep wisdom of your body and strengthen your capacity to trust its guidance. Connect with your heart and reveal your authentic self. Connect with others in this open-hearted and inclusive community.

Discover the liberation of simply being. Discover the gift of resting with whatever is here, just as it is. Discover a deep trust in life, however it is unfolding. Experience the sheer aliveness of being here, just as you are, unencumbered by the past or future.

If our invitation resonates with you, take your time to explore these pages further. You’ll find more on the what and how of the Inquiries here, and details on who we are here. You can read, watch and listen here. You’re also very welcome to contact us.

This month in the spotlight:

Melanie Balint Gray..

Living Inquiries facilitator Melanie Balint Gray is being interviewed by Fiona Robertson. Melanie answers Fiona’s question: “What is it you love about this work?”.

Talking with Fiona, I recalled a recent time when I once again found myself frozen in my tracks–a familiar response to perceived threat. Only this time, the freeze revealed a previously hidden function, as did the thaw that followed. This frozen state – that I’d seen as a handicap for most of my life – turned out to be preservative. It kept me in a sort of safe, frozen, calm until my system could handle the thaw. So benign, so kind, so wise. The Living Inquiries enable me to plumb the depths of old, seemingly debilitating reactions, and again and again, I’m surprised by what I find. (5 min)

To read more about Melanie Balint Gray, click here.

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“The Living Inquiries enable us to chip away the false, hardened places that conceal the evidence of our bare and fundamental nature.” H.M.P.

How do we deal with current political realities with integrity, with open hearts? These posts address this issue head on. Lisa Meuser conducts a profound self-inquiry: Social Justice, Heart-Work, and Evolution. (Part 1, of 2).  Fiona Robertson in On Realising The Political Is Personal guides us through an inquiry to help us examine our projections.  In Where Inner and Outer Worlds MeetPaul Galewitz relates how he realised through inquiry that he was enmeshed in the belief that his view was right.  Read more…

Our facilitators come from varied backgrounds and locations; from Hawaii and across the US and Canada to the UK and Europe. Read about their individual journeys, how the Living Inquiries have impacted their lives, and how they might be able to help you – read more…

There are many ways to inquire and we offer a variety of events. Join one of our weekly online Group Inquiry sessions or a Support Group, become a member of a Natural Rest group, or sign up for one of our Deepening Courses to dive right into inquiry – read more.

Watch Scott Kiloby talking about the Inquiries and the thinking that lies behind them. See self-facilitations on a number of topics, including the fear of driving, feeling lonely, and the need to get somewhere. Listen to recorded sessions about being perfect, body image issues and discovering what’s ‘real’. Read articles about the Living Inquiries that have been featured in Elephant Journal – read more…

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The Living Inquiries have been developed by Scott Kiloby, Colette Kelso, Fiona Robertson, Julianne Eanniello, and the other Senior Facilitators.

All photographs by members of the Living Inquiries community.

Watercolours by Helena Weaver.

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