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Scott Kiloby 

 Awakening and Embodiment Retreat

16th-19th August 2018 in Asheville, North Carolina

Come listen to Scott point directly to nondual awareness and provide skillful inquiry tools designed to dissolve the most stubborn and painful self-limiting beliefs. Scott’s work, developed and refined at the Kiloby Center for Recovery, is cutting edge, perhaps one of the most accessible, direct and penetrative forms of inquiry. This retreat will be a combination of talks by Scott and lots of experiential work so that you will be armed with Scott’s tools once you leave the retreat. If you aren’t familiar with Scott’s work, read about it here

Scott, along with a few of his facilitators, will focus on helping participants recognize the peaceful and liberating nondual awareness that is the foundation for all experience, giving them specific tools to untangle the thoughts, emotions and sensations that create suffering in all forms. This retreat is perfect for the spiritual seeker who is stuck in oscillating back and forth between “I got it” and “I lost it” as well as any aspirant who is getting sidetracked on the spiritual path by depression, anxiety, trauma or addiction.

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