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We offer a variety of ongoing and one-time events including Living Inquiries group facilitation, Natural Rest support groups, Deepening Courses, and occasional workshops and retreats. You can also schedule private sessions with our certified facilitators.

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These meetings are based on Scott Kiloby’s book “Natural Rest for Addiction”. Whatever we are addicted to, even if what we are addicted to is our thoughts, Natural Rest groups provide a place for support and sharing. Anyone can form a Natural Rest Group, either in person or on-line. You do not need to be a Certified Facilitator. These groups meet weekly and there is no cost. They can be around a specific topic or addiction in general. For more information about starting a group, contact us.

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Fiona Robertson and other Senior Facilitators host occasional free Q & A online calls. Everyone is welcome to attend.

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Living Inquiries Support Groups are an opportunity to attend a low cost weekly group and be gently guided in essential practices such as resting, and other practical and experiential exercises that are specifically designed for the development of self-awareness, with the optional opportunity to share your own experience. New people are always welcome.

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Explore the Living Inquiries in more depth, whether you are new to them or have been using them for some time. These courses usually consist of three two-hour group calls and each participant will also have four individual sessions with the course leader, plus two additional sessions with other certified facilitators (six sessions in total). There is a dedicated Facebook group for sharing and communicating. These courses, or sessions with a Senior Facilitator, are a prerequisite for Facilitator Training.

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We occasionally offer online workshops, and events at outside locations.

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The Kiloby Center for Recovery offers ongoing support for the families of those with addictions, whether or not that family member is participating at the center.

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The Kiloby Center is making available a series of  interviews from leaders in the recovery field sharing their innovative approaches to the exploding epidemic of addiction. These interviews have been drawn from the Radical Recovery – Innovation In The Treatment Of Addiction Summits of 2017 and 2019.  All the interviews can be purchased together as a package for $39.

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