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We offer a variety of ongoing and one-time events including Living Inquiries group facilitation, Natural Rest support groups, Deepening Courses, and occasional workshops and retreats. You can also schedule private sessions with our certified facilitators.

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Fiona Robertson and other facilitators host occasional free Q & A online calls. Everyone is welcome to attend.

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Living Inquiries Support Groups are an opportunity to attend a low cost weekly group and be gently guided in essential practices such as resting, and other practical and experiential exercises that are specifically designed for the development of self-awareness, with the optional opportunity to share your own experience. New people are always welcome.

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Whether you are new to our way of inquiring or you have been exploring within in this way for some time, Deepening Courses are a great way to explore in more depth. Led by experienced facilitators, these courses enable participants to learn about and experience for themselves just how transformative this work can be.

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We occasionally offer online workshops, and events at outside locations.

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All photographs by members of the Living Inquiries community.

Watercolours by Helena Weaver.

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The Living Inquiries have been developed by Scott Kiloby, Colette Kelso, Fiona Robertson, Julianne Eanniello, and the other Senior Facilitators.