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Photo credit: Lisa Meuser

Matrix Integration: An Online Ten-Month Exploration

January 2021
with Lisa Meuser

Clients have been asking me for years… why don’t I train people in the transformative model I use?

You’ve asked for many reasons:

  • some of you have felt the limitations in how you work with clients, or participate in your organization, and have not known how to engage differently;
  • some of you have felt burnout and exhaustion – and while you’re committed to and passionate about the work you do, it’s starting to take a toll;
  • some of you just want to embody the learnings more deeply. (For those who are unfamiliar with my work, feel free to check out my About page as well as my Impact page for some examples of how Matrix Integration has impacted others.)
    I see you. All of you. This is for you. It’s time.

Matrix Integration

Matrix Integration is a modality that I’ve been using with clients (and myself) over the past 10 years. Sometimes I say I created it, but it doesn’t really feel right to claim it as mine. I think of it more as a vision that was gifted to me: one day I was exploring with someone, and it was like I’d been given a key to a greater understanding of what it is to be human.

I knew that had connected to something profound.

Prior to that, I had found the approaches to working with trauma ineffective and disembodied, often creating more harm than good. I had made a promise to myself that I would not engage in the healing or therapeutic world until I knew how to engage with people differently. BAM! The time had finally come: I opened up my private practice about a month later.

Why Now?

I still find the way our culture journeys with people to often be ineffective and disembodied. I notice that the realms of spirituality, psychology, and activism often discount the body, the psyche, the importance of culture, and/or the power of love and compassion. I hear horror story after horror story: spiritual teachers, therapists and others, not fully understanding the nature of a psyche or what it needs to feel whole, retraumatizing people. I am called to bring this modality into more people’s awareness because, more than ever, we need to know our wholeness.

Matrix Integration moves from the understanding that the pain inside ourselves desires and requires Love, as opposed to fixing. MI gently moves attention away from fault and blame, instead including the contextual dynamics of life. People are met where they are. Agendas are dropped, and instead we move from curiosity, beginner’s mind, and Presence. As we learn, we transform. MI has changed my life, and the lives of hundreds of my clients. I am excited to know it will change yours.

Who is This For, and Who Will benefit?
This Exploration is most suited for the change agents of the world who are looking for something different than another “training” to add to their resume. This is designed for those who are looking to journey through that which keeps them from stepping more fully into their own life’s purpose; therapists/healers/coaches/facilitators/social workers/nurses/body workers/social justice advocates who keep running into limitations and blockages with themselves and/or their clients; those who want to understand how being aware of the matrix of culture (including attachment theory) is necessary for true compassion and evolution; individuals who are looking to deepen their relationship with Love/God, compassion and well-being; people who have lost or have never had a sense of hope or trust in something larger than themselves; those who find themselves burning out, or who wind up in trauma-bonding predicaments; individuals who are wanting to develop more internal resourcing, agency, and the ability to be comfortable and compassionate with the rich terrain of being human. Not only will you personally evolve through this Exploration, but so will those you interact with.

Together we will engage in a conscious focus on learning how to listen at the level of both the Wise Mind and the Compassionate Being. Participating in the art of slowing down will pave the way. Listening from the Being will allow you to perceive the places where oppression lives, and the places where love is needed. Over time trust in something larger than oneself will slowly develop and be Known, and then lived from in an embodied way.

This is the heart of Matrix Integration: Discovering, Knowing and Living/Loving from Presence. All is held within this field of possibility.

This will be a limited engagement, beginning at the end of January. Please contact me ASAP to let me know of your interest and/or to request an application: [email protected].

Need more information? It’s on the way! This is just a brief call out to those of you who have been waiting and who know you’re ready to journey to new depths. Please check my events page and blog page in the upcoming weeks for more information, or get on my email list.

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