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Deepening Courses

Whether you are new to the Inquiries or you have been using them for some time, Deepening Courses are a great way to explore in more depth. Led by the Senior Facilitators, these courses enable participants to learn about and experience for themselves just how transformative this work can be.

Every Deepening Course consists of between three to five group calls (a total of six hours in either three, four or five meetings). Meeting together as a group gives us the opportunity to learn, share and resonate with one another. A safe, supportive space is created in which we can begin to investigate and inquire.

Deepening Courses are often themed, as this gives us the chance to explore an aspect of our experience in a much deeper way. We offer courses on a wide range of topics, including anxiety, trauma, money, embodiment, food and eating issues, sex addiction, childhood, and being present. We also offer women-only courses.

As well as the group meetings, each participant receives a total of six individual sessions, four with the course leader(s) and two with the certified facilitators who are supporting the course.

Each course also has a private Facebook room in which participants can discuss and share.

If you have an idea on a course you would like us to offer, please get in touch. We can also design individual Deepening Courses.

The full cost of Deepening Courses, comprising 6 hours of group calls plus six individual sessions, is $495.



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Discovering the Embodiment of Love

A Deepening Course

With Lisa Meuser
Saturdays: February 2nd & 16th, March 2nd.

Our stories may be different, and yet may overlap
Like many of us, I started suppressing myself from a young age. My family didn’t often openly talk about emotions or feelings so I quickly learned to hide what I felt, and I behaved in such a way as to not cause problems or upset anyone. I was often in pain or scared, but I learned that my only option was to pretend that everything was ok. Before long I wasn’t just pretending to others. As a survival strategy I engaged in an insidious form of self-harm: I was pretending to myself as well, which meant I didn’t really have a self to connect to. I usually didn’t know what I was feeling in any given moment, but I was hyper-aware of others. Yes, that is as confusing and disorienting as it might sound, and something many of you will be familiar with.

I was rewarded with positivity and attention, and got “love” from the outside by pretending. That set up a life of disconnecting to what *I* was feeling and instead adapting to *others* to garner love. It wasn’t real love, of course, but I didn’t understand that until much later.

Throughout my life I (sometimes anxiously) craved love and connection but also feared abandonment/rejection, so would avoid deep intimacy. I was not aware of any of this patterning since I was always pretending everything was ok. Attachment challenges formed early in my life led to unsatisfactory and unhealthy relationships throughout my life.

When I eventually found myself in the grips of a narcissistically abusive relationship, I crashed and hit rock bottom. No longer able to pretend, I broke apart, faced my traumas, and explored my unhealthy and grotesque relationship with love. Through intense and honest somatic inquiry (and a lot of support) I gradually came to understand that what I had always thought was love, was not. As this was seen through, something unexpected emerged. It was during this time that the true nature of embodied and sustainable Love found me. This Love, I directly discovered, held all, and required no pretending. I was truly free and worthy to be me, just as I was.

Our actions and beliefs are innocent
What my years as a somatic therapist (and a student of my own humanity) has led me to understand is that human beings are hard-wired to want and need love, and yet our culture has created a meaning of love that is distorted, misunderstood, and toxic. Because of this toxic relationship with love – and all that we associate with it – we innocently learn and engage in unhealthy behaviors (like pretending) from our earliest days in attempts to feel or “have/get” love.

When attention (what we usually mistake as love) is not given and received freely, we innately feel a gap – and we can literally spend the rest of our lives trying to figure out how fill or close that gap. In doing so we often innocently turn to all kinds of addictive behaviors, substances, or dysfunctional coping strategies so that we can experience relief. Our well-being and health suffers, our intimate relationships suffer, our relationship to sexuality suffers – and most importantly our relationship with our self suffers.

Love – what we’ve been after all along – becomes more and more illusive and elusive. We do not find relief. We suffer, and we seek. We seek, and we suffer.

The good news: we can get off this toxic merry-go-round
We can learn about ourselves. We can learn about our attachment styles. We can learn how to engage in healthy behaviors and safe practices. We can learn how to give ourselves relief using kindness and compassion (I literally had to be taught this because I had zero experience of this). We can learn how to slowly and gently find home in our bodies and beings. We can learn how to safely rest in our direct experience of now. We can discover that the true essence of Love is an innocent and profound aspect of this human journey, and it is waiting for us.

A safe container for us evolve together
Join me in this course as we explore barriers to feeling and experiencing Love, as well as the false meaning-making we’ve given to the word “love.” I will compassionately and gently journey with you as you get to know your innocently developed strategies, core beliefs, and blockages which have contributed to harmful behaviors in an attempt to feel and experience love, but which ultimately yield a sense of separation and pain. Together we will learn that:

  • Seeking relief has been an innocent part of our journey.
  • Acknowledging the toxic dynamics of “love” can be powerfully freeing once spotted and journeyed with.
  • Discovering the true essence of Love is an innocent and profound aspect of this human journey.

This course will utilize embodied practices, including the Living Inquiries, the N.O.W. practice, natural rest, breathing techniques, and some gentle experiential practices designed to safely explore your various experiences – shame, depression, anxiety, compulsions, identities, body contractions, debilitating thoughts and/or memories and more. You will also become familiar with the nervous system, vigilance centers, the fight-flight-freeze responses, attachment theory, and will learn about ways to support and be kind and loving with your self. Lastly, you will get to experience the different inquiries first hand, and be able to practice skills for learning how to self-inquire.

I will be facilitating and guiding you in practices which will start to re-wire your nervous system and limbic system in ways that are profound.

You will have recordings so that you can practice on your own between class dates, which will help replace old habitual behaviors with new useful behaviors. All of this will set the stage for deeper self-intimacy and knowing, with compassion and love.

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