We are taking a break from training for a while, in order to attend to our own learning, deepening and evolving as trainers and as a wider community. If you are interested in future trainings from late 2021 onwards, please contact us to register your interest.

Co-trainer Lisa Meuser will be offering a 10 month Exploration centering Matrix Integration, beginning in January of 2021. Please contact her for more info.

“I’ve really appreciated the community. It’s amazing to be with a group of people who aren’t afraid to look and do the deep kind of inner work that the Inquiries invite us into. To be with a group who are willing to walk right into it, is pretty amazing to me…. And how quickly we can be real with each other.”

On the Quiet

On the quiet,

this cold and misty morning,

grace comes in –

somewhere between sofa and window –

and tells me that I am forgiven.


Straight away,

I know that I am being forgiven

for trying to steal fire from the gods

and spilling my own jar of evils.


Grace sneaks in

on the quiet,

subtle as always;

forgiveness does not come in a blaze of angels.

You are forgiven, and I will be with you always.


Fiona Robertson

Photo credit: Fiona Robertson

“The Living Inquiries Training has been really, really profound. I have, in the past, engaged in other forms of therapy, and explorations with this process have been probably the most powerful and transformational inner work I have experienced. When I think back, I now feel more grounded, a deeper understanding of the nature and the habits of my mind and body, and more comfortable meeting my experience with inquiry, and more okay with life.”

“It’s this beautiful intimacy, that I feel more with myself and others in this group. My ability to be with my anxiety, to really be with everything that I experience, has vastly improved and I feel myself deepening and softening and being a more loving facilitator and person in the world. So very grateful.”