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The Living Inquiries Facilitator Training Course.

If you’d like to become a Certified Living Inquiries Facilitator, you are welcome to apply to join our 2019-2020 training course.

Conducted in small online groups with a high trainer-to-student ratio, facilitator training generally takes about a year to complete. For some it may take a little less time and for others considerably more.

Training is a profound, challenging and very rich experience for everyone who embarks on it. Over the months, strong bonds develop between course participants. Every trainee deepens into their own looking as an essential part of the course, as well as learning the skills to facilitate others. The Living Inquiries become embodied lifelong tools for both our own looking and working with others in a variety of contexts and settings. Our trainees have a wide variety of backgrounds, including mindfulness and meditation teaching, psychotherapy, social work and addiction/recovery.

If you become a certified facilitator, you will have the freedom to develop your individual Living Inquiries practice alongside many others in the Living Inquiries community.

To be considered for training, we require you to have personal experience of the Living Inquiries as either a Deepening Course participant or by having a series of private sessions with a Senior Facilitator/Trainer.

If you feel interested in or ready for training, the first step is to talk it through with one of the Senior Facilitator/Trainers. Once you are willing and able to directly experience what’s possible with the Inquiries, we’ll ask you to complete a pre-training questionnaire. If the trainers feel you are ready for training, you will be offered a place on the next training. This process gives you the opportunity to reflect at each stage before you commit to training.

The training program dates for 2019-2020 will be posted in due course. The full cost of training in 2018-19 was $3,200 USD ( to give you an idea of the likely cost). If you would like to apply for financial support from our scholarship fund, please let us know. We particularly welcome applications from people of color and trans people, who are currently under-represented in our community.

For more details about Facilitator Training, please contact Fiona Robertson and Lisa Meuser at  [email protected] 

A screenshot from our 2017 training group, with trainers Lisa Meuser and Fiona Robertson. Participants come from all over the world. 

“I’ve really appreciated the community. It’s amazing to be with a group of people who aren’t afraid to look and do the deep kind of inner work that the Inquiries invite us into. To be with a group who are willing to walk right into it, is pretty amazing to me…. And how quickly we can be real with each other.”


“The Living Inquiries Training has been really, really profound. I have, in the past, engaged in other forms of therapy, and explorations with this process have been probably the most powerful and transformational inner work I have experienced. When I think back, I now feel more grounded, a deeper understanding of the nature and the habits of my mind and body, and more comfortable meeting my experience with inquiry, and more okay with life.”


“It’s this beautiful intimacy, that I feel more with myself and others in this group. My ability to be with my anxiety, to really be with everything that I experience, has vastly improved and I feel myself deepening and softening and being a more loving facilitator and person in the world. So very grateful.”



Heart-centered memories of her
So sweet I could weep.
So innocent I am overcome by tenderness
Unwounded, living light, dancing feet
I stop breathing to catch her essence

Buttery yellow heat of the sun envelops her,
Delicate chartreuse of spring morphing to the
plump greenness of summer.
Honeysuckle perfumes the air, the buzzing
Cicadas tymbaling their mating calls
She doesn’t name it Beauty.
She has no words yet to distance herself.

Belly on the ground, heels akimbo
Crossed arms holding the long-looking.
White moth, dragged to the nest.
June bugs awkwardly mountaineering
over the grass
Catbird hopping, drawn by her stillness.
She sees the universe in his eyes.
“Stop breathing! Don’t scare it!,”
She whispers to herself

Slipping through the silty marshes
Sneakered feet searching for purchase
The soft plop! of turtles disappearing to safety
Dive bombed by dragonflies whirring,
Iridescence glinting as they dart away.
Visions of the pond blocked by
Cat o’ nine tails higher than she can see,
Brown thick and fat,
Warning of squishy mud-filled shoes.

Mindless to the Past and Future
Bound to the Earth and Sky
She is the Stillness of Being.

I claim her.

Trudy Campbell ©

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