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 Fiona Robertson – Ten Minute Rest
(10 minutes)

A short guided rest meditation to bring you into awareness of the present moment.

Fiona Robertson – Session on Body Issues
(1 hour 9 minutes)

Here’s a session exploring body issues with Andrea. After the session, she commented, “the session helped me to be more compassionate with THIS body and its symptoms.”

 Lisa Meuser 15 Minute Rest
(15 minutes) 

With this rest, and any rest, I encourage you to pause the recording when it resonates so that you can spend more time in exploration. In this simple rest we explore attention and how we connect with what’s in attention.

 Lisa Meuser “Hi, Ok, I Love You”.
(30 minutes) 

In this facilitated rest I use a different version of the mantra “‘Thank you for arising, I love you, you’re welcome to stay” as a way to gently become more intimate with the expressions of experience.

 Lisa Meuser – Body Exploration Rest
(30 minutes)

A session of rest exploring the body.

 Lisa Meuser – Walking Rest
(30 minutes)

In this facilitated rest I reference different aspects of experience while out on a walk. This can be done while walking, or while stationary.

 Lisa Meuser – Full Body Meditation
(25 minutes)

A session of resting and exploring the body.

 Lisa Meuser – Body Identification Rest
(55 minutes)

A session of rest exploring body identification.

 Lisa Meuser –  Stimulus, Response, Rest
(55 minutes)

In this facilitated rest I reference the stimulus and response mechanism that is part of our experience.

 Lisa Meuser –  Breathing Rest
(55 minutes)

In this rest I slowly and curiously explore the breathing mechanism.

Fiona Robertson – Session on Non-Acceptance
(1 hour 14 minutes)

Here’s the recording of a session in which the client spontaneously used ‘Thank you for arising, I love you, you’re welcome to stay.’ We were looking for what it was that was difficult to accept. A week or so later, she described the session as “powerful and truly life altering.”

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