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Lisa Meuser – Connecting to “And” (21 minutes)

It can be hard to remove our attention from the complexity, of our thoughts, to what is here in a factual way. In this recording we discover ourselves in our own context, with our existence, checking into the actual factual of our existence and to what is beneath the thoughts that are here. Redirecting attention to the actual factual.

This recording was made in an online setting.

Sumitra Burton – Rest In The Body (18 minutes)

In this audio Sumitra guides you into deeply resting into your body.

Lisa Meuser – Sacred Pause in Love (17 minutes)

This guided rest invites your nervous system to gently journey into receiving mode, during which we open up to that which is greater than ourselves, and see what flows from there.

Lisa Meuser – Resting With A Poem: Earthseed (18 minutes)

In this audio Lisa gently connects you with your nervous system, while weaving in Octavia E. Butlers’  poem “Earthseed.”


Lisa Meuser – A Walking Rest (30 minutes)

Many people are taking more walks these days! On request I did a 30 minute recording while out on a walk. This recording will reveal that you can do a rest anywhere! We explore sensations, movements, experiences as we walk. 

Lisa Meuser – Short Rest Beginning
(9 minutes)

During this short rest, Lisa will gently guide you as you meet your existence in simple yet profound ways. Throughout this rest you may find yourself wanting to push the pause button at times to spend more time in exploration.

Lisa Meuser – Rumi’s “Guest House”
(23 minutes)

In this audio Lisa facilitates you through a contemplative rest, using Rumi’s “Guest House” to gently explore your humanity.


Sumitra Judith Burton – The SNOW process
(16 minutes)

Audio recording of the NOW process – Notice-Open-Wait – by Sumitra in her weekly support group. Sumitra calls this the SNOW process – Stop-Notice-Open-Wait. Rest and let yourself be guided by Sumitra.

Lisa Meuser – Rest with Trust
(22 minutes)

In this guided rest, you will be first invited to connect with your body and the breath. In what ways do you notice the breath? After this, you will be invited to connect with Trust, not from the mind, but from your actual experience. The mind might try to help you, but trust can only be experienced.

Lisa Meuser – What shape waits in the seed…
(18 minutes)

In this 18-minute guided rest, you will be invited to connect with a short excerpt from a poem by David Whyte. This will be done in a gentle, somatic way without any agenda other than to notice what arises for you.

“What shape waits in the seed of you to grow and spread its branches against a future sky?” —David Whyte

 Sumitra Judith Burton – Natural Rest and Simple Inquiry
(17 minutes)

Coming to rest in the body and practicing the Simple Inquiry. In this 17-minute guided rest we find our way to a sense of stillness in the body and then explore whatever appears to be not at rest in our thoughts and sensations using the Simple Inquiry.

Lisa Meuser – Resting with discomfort
(23 minutes)

Resting with discomfort, listening to the body. In this 23 minute rest we slowly and gently explore both what is comfortable and what is uncomfortable, and listening to the body amidst both.

Lisa Meuser – Being Held
(23 minutes)

In this 23 minute rest, originally led in a gathering event, Lisa guides participants into safely and gently discovering a gentle holding that is both practical and profound for the nervous system.

Lisa Meuser – The Actual Factual
(30 minutes)

In this 30 minute rest recording, Lisa gently and curiously guides you through what she calls “the actual factual”, what is here, now.

Lisa Meuser – Rest with Discomfort and Comfort
(30 minutes)

This 30 minute guided rest gently explores the senses, inviting you to become more familiar and intimate with yourself. It also curiously explores comfort and discomfort, and might be useful when you are feeling physical pain or you are longing for comfort.

Lisa Meuser – New Ways to Gently Include your Body
(30 minutes)

This rest, which spontaneously occurred during a Gathering event, was created for people looking to safely and gently explore and connect with their body in ways they may not have considered. Different options are given throughout the rest recording, allowing the listener to lean into what best resonates for them.

Listeners are invited to “pause” the recording any time they would like more time to be with what has arisen.

From a client: “This rest recording is very safe and inviting for me. Safety is created in part through the offering of gentle options. I recommend this for anxious people. For people who are looking to explore grounding. For people looking for guided meditation.”

 Lisa Meuser – What is Simple Now Rest
(14 minutes)

The mind tends to complicate things. In this short rest, taken from a Gathering event, we curiously include what is simple now. This rest does not focus on the breath, as that can be challenging for some. This rest does not focus on the breath, as that can be challenging for some.

Fiona Robertson – Session on Non-Acceptance
(1 hour 14 minutes)

Here’s the recording of a session in which the client spontaneously used ‘Thank you for arising, I love you, you’re welcome to stay.’ We were looking for what it was that was difficult to accept. A week or so later, she described the session as “powerful and truly life altering.”

 Fiona Robertson – Ten Minute Rest
(10 minutes)

A short guided rest meditation to bring you into awareness of the present moment.

Fiona Robertson – Session on Body Issues
(1 hour 9 minutes)

Here’s a session exploring body issues with Andrea. After the session, she commented, “the session helped me to be more compassionate with THIS body and its symptoms.”

 Lisa Meuser 15 Minute Rest
(15 minutes) 

With this rest, and any rest, I encourage you to pause the recording when it resonates so that you can spend more time in exploration. In this simple rest we explore attention and how we connect with what’s in attention.

 Lisa Meuser “Hi, Ok, I Love You”.
(30 minutes) 

In this facilitated rest I use a different version of the mantra “‘Thank you for arising, I love you, you’re welcome to stay” as a way to gently become more intimate with the expressions of experience.

 Lisa Meuser – Body Exploration Rest
(30 minutes)

A session of rest exploring the body.

 Lisa Meuser – Walking Rest
(30 minutes)

In this facilitated rest I reference different aspects of experience while out on a walk. This can be done while walking, or while stationary.

 Lisa Meuser – Full Body Meditation
(25 minutes)

A session of resting and exploring the body.

 Lisa Meuser – Body Identification Rest
(55 minutes)

A session of rest exploring body identification.

 Lisa Meuser –  Stimulus, Response, Rest
(55 minutes)

In this facilitated rest I reference the stimulus and response mechanism that is part of our experience.

 Lisa Meuser –  Breathing Rest
(55 minutes)

In this rest I slowly and curiously explore the breathing mechanism.

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