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Online Women’s Sharing Circles:

A Time to Arrive to the Heart of Presence

With Julia Stolk

Circle One starts on Monday May 10th  2021

Circle Two starts on Wednesday May 19th  2021


At a time in our shared story, there is so much that we are carrying.  So much that may be unexpressed, may be unfelt.  The invitation, come into a circle of women where you can be held and witnessed.  Sharing Circles, also known as Talking Circles, are based on sacred tradition.  In a sharing circle, everyone is equal, and everyone belongs.  Here the Sharing Circle begins with a guided meditation, followed by the opening of the space to share about your present moment experience with others in the circle.  Each circle is uniquely created based on the intentions and goals of the group.   

Participants in this sharing circle will learn and practice the art of inquiry, in the present moment, while being held in a container where everyone is invited to come as they are, with a willingness to be curious, and an opportunity to be nourished.  

There will be 2 circle offerings.  Each circle participant will have a 30 minute one-to-one meeting with Julia to become acquainted with the mindfulness practice we will be using in the circles.  The circles will run for 6 consecutive weeks, each for 90 minutes, and the one-to-one’s will take place the week prior to the first circle gathering.  Each circle will have a maximum of 6 participants. Each participant is asked to commit to the 6 week sharing circle cycle.

See the Event Calendar for full details of the May-June Monday Circle

See the Event Calendar for full details of the May-June Wednesday Circle

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Embodied Gatherings

Discovering Empowerment Together

With Lisa Meuser

August 22nd, September 5th & 19th


NOTE: Many of you have been coming for a while, and I am so grateful that we get to journey together through the gatherings. These past many years I have been hosting the gatherings no matter how many sign up. I have loved doing this so much as it matches with my purpose to serve Love. Many of you know that my Mom has had a stroke, and my brother who lives with her is also struggling. To honor my own humanness as I support them I am requesting that people let me know asap when they want to come to a gathering. I will only host a gathering if 4 commit each time. If gatherings are a priority for you, I am here for it!!! When we commit to our growth, magic happens. For whomever wants it, we will continue to deepen together.

It is crucial, especially in times such as these, that we find spaces and people who listen to and believe in our stories – to our sacred, lived experiences. Your experiences are the hallowed ground of your being and will be fully honored in our sacred and carefully created container.

In this group we are real with each other. We show up as we are, with whatever is going on for us – our joys, our struggles, our tears, and/or our laughter. In a world that has often tried to control us, or where we have tried to control ourselves, we learn how empowering it is to be fully ourselves.

Belonging, community, connection and a healthy nervous system are crucial for our well-being, and a safe community is the perfect place to discover our relationship with life.  We gather to become more intimate with, and more available for, our life.  For those who would like support in their journey, this is an affordable, safe option.

An empowered container for us to evolve together

Every day I witness a sense of empowerment when people feel safe enough to honestly connect to their actual lived experiences, when their sorrows and celebrations are allowed, named, spoken, expressed, and felt. Being heard in a supportive environment conveys and births a sense of embodied empowerment that is known from deep within the being. Neuropathways shift, one’s sense of safety in the world changes, and relationships with life are transformed. Possibilities we couldn’t even imagine reveal themselves.

Join us as we gather and explore together. Using tools and practices I have developed and learned through my trainings in holding sacred circles, I will compassionately and gently hold space as we gather together.

These gatherings are sacred spaces where everyone is welcome. People going through their Dark Night of the Soul experiences, survivors of abuse, people who have had awakenings and want community, people struggling in their life in various ways, and/or people simply wanting connection along their journey are likely to find home in these gatherings.


From past participants:

“Lisa is like a cocoon for expansion and love.  I really love working with her.  She walks her talk and creates a space for acceptance and non-judgment and I’m better able to accept and not judge myself and others.  My heart has opened in my work with her.  So grateful.” 

“It is quite breathtaking to experience you working with a group; watching and listening to your communion with who-they-really-are. You have a gift, Lisa.”

“You represent what Adyashanti talks about:  “A safe place for the world to come and rest.” You are that safe, benign presence in the world.”

“I have listened to the recording many times since our gathering. It continues to support me.”

“I have discovered writing as a way to connect with myself and others. I didn’t know I had these words inside of me.”


For full details see Sunday August 22nd on the Event Calendar

For full details see Sunday September 5th on the Event Calendar

For full details see Sunday September 19th on the Event Calendar


About Lisa Meuser

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