Lisa Meuser

Bloomington, Indiana, US

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I am a full-time student of being fully human and am deeply passionate about helping people create happier and more fulfilling lives. Connecting and inter-relating, as we play and navigate in the world, is one of my biggest passions and I consider myself quite fortunate that I spend my days exploring and journeying with people. In my experience, because we are often wounded in our early unhealthy relationships, it is through safe, grounded, and healthy relationships that we can heal.

I gently, uniquely and safely journey with people using a variety of approaches. With nearly 20 years of experience with addiction, trauma, and somatic work, I will explore with you – locating and integrating emotional and/or physical blockages and ailments, energetic contractions, limiting beliefs, compulsions/addictions, unhealed wounds/trauma, false identities, and anything that is having a powerful influence on your life that you would like to explore. I am committed to following your lead and providing services that support your unique path.

I am also a Living Inquiries Trainer. I have a Masters of Social Work, am a level 3 Reiki Master, an Access BARS practitioner, and have studied Myofacial Release, Shamanic Healing, Tantric Kundalini, Death and Dying/Hospice Counseling, Right Relations, attachment theory, DID, Harm Reduction, Implicit Bias, Relational Cultural Therapy, and Couples Therapy with Terrance Real. I have been through various diversity trainings, and am educated in ancestral trauma, trauma as related to marginalized communities (including sex laborers) and sexual, emotional, psychological, narcissistic and ritual assault/abuse.

I am deeply respectful of all, regardless of gender, race, nationality, religion, criminal history, drug use, sexual orientation. You are important, and appreciated, whoever you are.

“My sessions on compulsions and addictions with Lisa were absolutely some of the most incredible work I have ever done for myself. I no longer viewed my obsession/addiction/unhealthy attachment in the way I had before. Lisa gave me a set of tools that I will not soon forget. These tools have stayed with me on a daily basis, and I’ve been ever so grateful to have them. I plan to keep working with her so that I can stay attuned to the work we did together. I would HIGHLY recommend anyone who deals with compulsions/obsessions/addictions to seek Lisa’s assistance. She really made a huge difference in that area of my life.” A.B.

“Lisa is a profoundly intuitive healer. The container she’s created is very comfortable, and I leave every time feeling held, heard, healed and safe. She is energetically spot on, but so much more than that. One thing that is so strikingly powerful about our sessions: she doesn’t bullshit. She is straight up…she doesn’t need fancy language. She can help me get straight to the heart of anything. The real core of my successful sessions are due to her intuition, truth, intelligence and depth. Our sessions have been absolutely perfect for me. I am in so much gratitude for her! I wholeheartedly recommend Lisa’s sessions to anyone.” J.C.

“Lisa brought a new depth, not only in my understanding, but aligning it with myself and my story in a way that truly moved me. I could feel that she was tuned in to my energy and it felt not only safe, but also even comfortable knowing that she was tuning into some of the deeper parts that I tend to hold insecurity within myself. I have listened to the audio a few times, and each time I leave with a sense of deep peace… she does a wonderful job at creating safety and comfort, a sense that it is completely acceptable (and encouraged) to allow myself to “be still me” with no need for change or no agenda behind it, and that was something that was extremely necessary for me to have.” K.

Certified Facilitator Lisa Meuser interviewed below by Colm Burgoyne for the Living Inquiries Newsletter.

Colm comments: “Lisa’s passion in helping people connect to truth through the Living Inquiries shines through in this interview. She eloquently explains that she helps people have more clarity in seeing themselves and how an intimacy with themselves then begins to arise.

Curiosity plays a very important role in Lisa’s life, and yet at one time it wasn’t always that way for her. As she says “It can be challenging to move trustingly in the direction of curiosity.” She describes what we can do to gently make that transition.”