Julia Stolk

Victoria, British Columbia, Canada


As a young child I knew and trusted my connection to spirit – I felt it, I saw it, I lived within it! But after significantchildhood trauma, I felt abandoned and believed I could no longer trust in spirit. This was the pivot point, the initiation of my soul’s journey – a long and difficult one.

I moved forward from this point with determination, and in that determination lived the belief that no one or no thingcould be trusted, and all experiences were opportunities for growth, but only to strengthen my internal warrior – the warrior that would keep me safe at all cost.

I later learned that I was also keeping myself safe against my own self. Through much searching, I came to realize that the one who felt most betrayed by this life-time of challenges and difficulties was my own beautifully innocent self. The seeing was that this warrior and her defenses were unconsciously developed to keep me safe from the one that had allowed those woundings, had not been smart enough, had not been strong enough, had not been savvy enough to avoid being hurt. All those years I had been judging myself and self-medicating, all in order to prevent my sitting with what was in the body, to stop me from feeling pain.

Although I had spent much of my adult life searching, and even had what I would call peak experiences of understanding and awakening, it wasn’t until I suffered a traumatic brain injury in a car accident that I was forced to stop. I no longer had anywhere to go, nothing to do – the accident literally erased where I thought I was going and who I believed myself to be.

The first couple of years were about simply coming out of the fog of the brain injury, complying with the health care providers, and doing everything I could to recover the me I remembered and had held on to, tightly. It was around two and half years into my recovery before there was a shift in my healing. That shift brought back a sense of the old me (the doer), and with that arose utter loss and grief. I could sense that doer, but my brain had no space or tolerance for her behaviors. If I did more than 2 things in a day, I would literally be stopped for days amidst migraine, dizziness and pain. I felt as if insanity was creeping in. How could I look like me, how could I look normal, but yet I couldn’t be or act normal? And in a moment of frantic searching for understanding the accident’s impact on my brain, I happened on the Living Inquiries website. It was the words “Are you tired of endlessly trying to fix your life?” that just hit. I knew in that moment I wanted to train in,and become a Living Inquiries facilitator.

My first Living Inquiries session was a simple invitation to just sit with my thoughts, feelings and body sensations, allowing me to drop in and witness the story and beliefs that lay hidden just below the surface of my conscious awareness; to just notice and be with what simply arose. Guided by the gentle and wise words of my facilitator, I was able to find a capacity to sit with whatever arose – I was able to access my own inner wisdom that was offered in that moment, freedom from the mind’s storytelling. It was the invitation to just rest – something that I had searched for years through mindfulness and meditation retreats, counselling, exercise, in life’s lessons, and there it was, waiting simply in the being with what arose.

I began my facilitator training shortly after and, to this day,continue a practice of regularly sitting with what arises – either through self-inquiry or facilitated sessions with peers. The gift of this practice continues to amaze me, the noticing of the falling away of the conditioning and patterning that had been unconsciously running my life. And the gift that it allows those around me to also just be as they are, because as I build my own capacity to be with me, I am also building my capacity to be with another – holding us both in the space of the heart! Of course, the mind will continue to do its storytelling, and the physical body will continue to move in this world of form as it is meant to… and there is a knowing that my heart can continuously open to trust in its capacity to hold both joy and suffering as I learn to reside in the now.

Currently I am a Certified Living Inquiries Facilitator, Certified Usui Reiki Master, and intuitive healer. I continue to follow my heart and my love and dedication to learning. At present, I am actively studying in:  Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy, the Mindful Meditation Certification Program led by Tara Brach and Jack Kornfield;  the Foundation of Shamanic Studies; Breathwork, and the creation of ritual in everyday life. I am a proud momma to two beautiful children who serve as my greatest teachers.

“I’ve known Julia for what seems like a lifetime now, even though it’s only been 18 months. She has been the person I go to when my nervous system has needed to settle; when I am fearful, anxious, sad, or alone. She’s also been the person I go to when I need to share something I’m excited about; when I’m happy, joyful, at peace, or simply neutral. She’s been able to hold it all. Whatever has come up in me, she’s been able to meet it just as it is, with loving kindness and open arms.

I could talk for a long time about Julia’s admirable qualities, but I think it suffice to say that, among other things, she is a deep listener, an insightful, caring and loving human being, a wise counsellor, and the sort of comrade you want by your side in battle; the ideal companion on a long, dangerous journey; a level-headed leader in times of extreme crisis; and a comforting friend, sitting next to you at the end of your hardest challenges, as you reflect on your experiences in life and survey the terrain you’ve just crossed. I couldn’t have asked for a better blessing in my life.” P. G.

“Julia is someone you want to work with, whatever has shown up on your path. I don’t know anyone with higher professional standards and greater integrity. She is compassionate, honest, intelligent, trustworthy, loving, hard-working, and a person that sincerely lives her truth and walks the talk. Her extensive education and diverse experience have given Julia the knowledge and tools to work with many different kinds of people. She is authentic and enthusiastic, drawing on learning from her own life challenges and accomplishments. She has a knack for seeing possibilities.

Julia has been such a tremendous help to me in my life for many years. Her wise, calm, thoughtful counsel and her healing practice has helped me through many challenges at home and at work, supporting me with her positive nature and outlook. Skillfully balancing talking, contemplation, and action – Julia is a person with exceptional skills and healing gifts and I highly recommend working with her!” T. K.

“To sit with Julia is to be in the presence of a certain ripeness that only comes with a lifetime of honest searching, devoted study, and deep inner work.”

“Julia’s steady presence holds a safe place where it is absolutely okay to release and receive. Whether with Reiki or in a Living Inquiries session, Julia flows easily with what is asking for healing. She has an uncanny ability to put a kind hand on exactly what is present, to generously soothe, and to gently awaken our presence to that which needs our attention. Julia is a beautiful human, a wise guide, and a gifted healer with much to offer.” T. C.