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Photo by Lisa Meuser

Covid 19 Invocations

By Lisa Meuser.

I pray with the unseen these days.
And yet, I pray with the seen, too.
The buds, the sprouts, the blossoms, the leaves.

I pray with the new blessings that appear out of nowhere in the shape of a flower slowly revealing itself, cloud formations from a once all grey sky, 13 deer appearing amidst my evening walk, and sun beams striking through the depths of my being: all, in their own way, waking me from slumber, uniting me with the unseen.

I pray with the unseen behind the seen.
The ever-changing winds of change,
bringing who knows what tomorrow,
who knows what today.

The angered conversations online, as well as the exchanges of sweet sorrow.
Broken hearts, clenching guts, joy, and gratitude.
There is truth in all of it.

I pray with the seen, and the unseen present to it all.
Always wanting to do more, knowing that my stamina has been my super power,
I continue to bring my breath back to the unseen, and I pause
for moments longer than ever before.

In trusting the unseen I honor the action that
has no action,
the Love that doesn’t always take form, and
the dancing tree tops who witness it all.

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