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Two Little Fussbudgets

By Sumitra Burton.  

This morning I was facilitated in an inquiry session where I was feeling “desperate” about needing to earn more money. Old, familiar story!

There’s enough money for today, tomorrow and probably a couple of years. But what about after that? I need to earn more, to save more, to build a large savings account so I won’t be a burden to my family in my old age!

I could feel the pressure of desperation in the left side of my belly, two small balls of energy there that seemed to know this was true – that were actually pushing me to try harder, to do something more, to earn more money. I sat with these energies, the two little balls, and allowed them to be felt, with curiosity. What were they all about?

And then, there they were. I could see these two little fussbudget owls, right there in my belly (I had seen this image of the little owls online earlier in the week). I could both see and feel them, fussing around, trying to stir up some energy. The more I stayed with these little fussbudgets, the more they became like cartoon characters. I started to laugh, and so did my facilitator. Their energies were contagious – so authentically busy, and at the same time going nowhere fast.

The laughter allowed me to relax a bit, and as I brought my awareness back to my body to look for this “desperation to earn more money,” these little owl fussbudgets had softened and become quiet.

It was clear then that whenever I wanted to be a fussbudget and worry a bit about money or anything else, these little owls would be there to “fuss” with me. We could stomp around, fluff our feathers and make squeaky noises all we wanted. And when we grew tired of fussing, we’d become quiet again and rest.

Ah, the wonders of inquiry!

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  1. Patricia says:

    Dear Sumitra,
    ah, how well I understand this.
    Here in Europe we see the EU zone disintegrating, the needs of people completely ignored as – as always – it is all about the money and the power of politicians, the finance sector and corporations.
    As I live on disability pension, which is just barely enough to keep surviving, but have some savings, sometimes I’m compelled to find safety for this money which means safety for myself.
    So I find myself sometimes – like yesterday – fussing and worrying about what to do with this “reserve” money. It takes me hours on the internet, and I know already while I’m doing it that it makes me feel terrible.
    As the situation here in the EU really seems dangerous I won’t stop myself from looking for solutions. But I know, when I don’t fuss about the money, I feel much more peaceful.

    • Sumitra says:

      How true, Patricia! The “urge” to fuss can be so strong – an old habit! And yet it makes me feel terrible. This is why I love Inquiry so very much – taking time to bring all the feelings and thoughts into Rest, to check them out and see what’s really really real. And most often there’s a shift into peace, simply welcoming it all to be send and felt, turning towards it rather than away, allowing it to be exactly as it is. Acceptance and surrender, right?

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