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Trauma, Addiction & Awakening

11th January 2020 @ 11:00 am – 5:00 pm
Heart & Minds Wellness
Level 2
252 Dorset Road, Boronia 3155, Melbourne
9762 2109


Date January 11th
Time 11:00 AEDT
Language(s) English
Location Heart & Minds Wellness, Level 2, 252 Dorset Road, Boronia 3155, Melbourne, Australia
Length Six hours
Payment $120 (AUD), lunch included
Contact Luke Hay: [email protected] or [email protected]


Matt Nettleton (Facilitator and Trainer of the Kiloby Inquires) & Luke Hay (Living Inquiries Facilitator) will support you in exploring, through self-inquiry, the causes of trauma, addictions and the implications on the body and identity.

Learn how trauma is stored within the body’s energetic system, and within the emotional body. Events from the past that cause distress leave an energetic imprint within the body, which shows up as different kinds of sensation we label as pain, anxiety, depression, trauma, tension, fear, anger, rage, loss etc. The resistance to feeling these sensations results in addiction.

These sensations are held in place by the narratives which are playing within the unconscious.  In this workshop you will learn how each narrative is stuck or velcro’d down onto the sensation which inhibits the energy to process itself. At the heart of each narrative is a core belief of deficiency we believe to be true about ourselves.

`Trauma is not what happens to us, it’s what we tell ourselves as a result of what happens to us.

Learn to be with the narrative from the space of awareness, and watch the stories dissolve, creating space to come out of the mind and be with the sensation on a somatic level.  The result is the energy processing itself and the end of the repetitive stories and limiting identities that unconsciously control our lives.

This is a practical and experiential workshop. It might be confronting to some at times, but we hope it will ultimately be rewarding.  Join us for this full day of insights, deeper perspectives and understanding of the true causes of suffering.

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