Renee Marie

Iowa, USA


My own healing journey over many years has been centered on releasing trauma, unravelling limited conditioning that no longer serves me as I grow and expand in awareness, and deepening spiritually. This sojourn has taken me through a multitude of life experiences, including a dark night of the soul spiritual crisis in early mid-life and a pivotal spiritual awakening in later life. Along the way, I have been gradually guided to more inner silence, contentment, joy, and ease in living.

I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing and a Master of Arts degree in Transpersonal Psychology. I also have had training in body-oriented healing modalities, death/dying work, and various spiritual practices. I have studied yoga, the non-dual wisdom teachings, and taught meditation.

I have found the Living Inquiries to be an extremely effective tool in meeting the challenging places within as well as simply discovering more about oneself. The Living Inquiries will allow you to engage your inner exploration at your own pace without any pressure to do anything in particular. This is a very respectful and deeply honoring process. The Living Inquiries offer a simple invitation to be fully present with whatever is actually happening. In that presence, everything is allowed the space to be as it is and the one who knows the way within each of us can emerge to reveal its innate wisdom.

As your facilitator, I will be fully present with you while you explore whatever comes into focus as you look within, whether they are limiting ideas/beliefs, somatic/energetic sensations, stress reactions, anxiety, emotional blocks, feeling stuck, unresolved emotional pain/trauma, grief, compulsions, life transition concerns, or other issues arising. When we cannot find a way to deal with whatever disturbs us, we end up in endless cycles of suffering.

Inner exploration using the Living Inquiries can open you into a sense of living in a more authentic way with a deeper sense of connection to yourself. I would be honored to serve you by accompanying you as you look into the nature of your own self.

“Renee offers a profound stillness to the process. She is both compassionate and perceptive in the exploration of the inner world.” JL

“I have found my session with Renee, to be non-invasive and most enlightening. Using Living Inquiries as an approach has brought a transitional experience to me. One that I am finding strengthening to my wellbeing. Whatever one may be searching for, I highly recommend a session with Renee Marie.” LR.