Olivia Stewart Liberty

Oxford, UK


Many eastern traditions emphasise the incredible beauty of the mind in its natural state – wild, rampant, blissful, limitless, and ultimately compassionate – when it is allowed just to be, without judgment or grasping, without the boxes and the shoulds and the protection and the trauma many of us are working so hard to protect ourselves – and others – from.

I had done a lot of work on my self through various spiritual and cognitive therapies, however ten years on I found I was still working to avoid situations or people which might bump me up against the same deep held beliefs – or retrigger traumas – that I had been carrying all of my life.

In 2013 I met a facilitator in the Living Inquiries and I knew this was what I’d been looking for: a gentle and safe, yet laser-like process, which could guide me into the places which were causing the suffering, the deep-held beliefs which looped to protect the shame and the trauma and there began my journey into the Living Inquiries followed by my year-long training to become a facilitator.

It is without doubt the most efficient – and the most loving – tool that I have found to unpick the selves and stories which cause suffering.

I offer sessions by Skype and in person, in Oxford in the UK, holding a safe and supported space in which a client may journey to unpick the energies which no longer serve.

“I’ve loved the sessions that we’ve had together. I know that I can just jump right in with you, whatever state I’m in, and it’ll be fine, even if it’s really painful. You seem to have a natural ability to facilitate in a way that really helps me to see and feel deeply. Thank you.” F.R.

“I had moments of clarity with Olivia that were like looking into a clear pool of water. The space she holds is very alive and present. She gives plenty of space for you to go wherever you need to go, whilst attentively maintaining the support of her warmth and presence. I got so much from my sessions with Olivia and I would highly recommend her.” C.M.