Olaug Rønningsdalen

Norwegian, English, German


My whole life has been marked by a deep inner search to understand what it is that drives us as human beings. The meaning of being born as a vulnerable being that needs to go on a life’s journey full of challenges and sufferings. All the things that can appear meaningless at first sight, but if you look closer, are full of purpose and miracles. My own vulnerability, challenges and painful experiences have, time after time, guided me into new directions in my life and led me to different therapeutic and spiritual work. Besides the inner work on myself, I have always also wanted to support others on their personal journey. For many decades, I have worked as a therapist both in individual and group settings. In addition, I worked as a leader in a women’s shelter for many years. Discovering the Living Inquiries, which combines all the methods that I have worked with as a therapist, felt like a revelation for me.

As a body therapist, I am very familiar with the connection between the psyche and physical pain, and how difficult it can be to get access to what it is that lies beyond muscular tensions, aches and all kinds of other unexplainable pain. Both experiences from my own life and from my work as a therapist have confirmed that the body never lies.

Simultaneously, it became clear to me that the memory of the body, in addition to the physical sensations, also holds visual pictures and stories. Due to this realization, my inner guide led me to new explorations of the human mind through hypnotherapy.

Since early on, the inner universe has been a great mystery and fascination for me. My education within Milton Ericson’s hypnotherapy opened new doors into this universe and revealed the abundance of pictures, symbols and wisdom that exist under the rational mind. I understood that these were hidden treasures that could be used as a key to solve conflicts, dilemma and recurring challenges. At the same time, it became obvious to me that the way we as human beings are closely interwoven with our families and our family history has a large influence on our personal lives.

We all have trauma, catastrophes, people who have been wronged and broken relationships in our family histories. But in our western world shaped by individualism, we have neglected how this can influence later generations. These wounds do not just stay with the people who made the hurtful experience, but are inherited by the following generations until they are integrated through inner work. For me personally, Bert Hellinger’s Family Constellations shed new light on life themes, which had been passed on in my ancestor generations. With these new insights, I was able to see both my own and others’ challenges in a new light. By seeing our own history in a larger context, it loses some of its focus on “me” and “my person”. Due to my fascination with the heritage of family trauma, I was trained in Family Constellations and do now integrate this perspective in my work with the Living Inquiries.

On my personal journey, I have always been on a spiritual quest. I started with meditation in my twenties and have since then been interested in many different spiritual teachings. But something in me has always searched for a way to reach deeper within myself. To me, the Living Inquiries provide a unique way of guiding you to the core, through exploring pictures, words and body sensations that are here right in this moment. Nothing is added, guided in other directions, avoided or manipulated. Everything that once needed to be covered is now encountered and welcomed. As a consequence, many beliefs and stories about ourselves and others dissolve and we can embark on a journey to more freedom, compassion and love.

If these words resonate with you, I would love to hear from you. We can arrange a first free appointment to see whether this is something for you.

“Olaug’s combination of experience with Family Constellations together with Inquiry is such a powerful one, and really helped me to let go burdens that have been weighing me down almost my entire life. Working with her I learnt that it’s not only important to work with our own deficiency stories, but that there can also be a greater family story that needs addressing too. Olaug holds a beautiful space to inquire within, gently extending the invitation to accept whatever arises in each moment. I am so thankful for having had the opportunity to work with Olaug.” Jo, New Zealand

“I met Olaug shortly before she joined our 2017 training group. She has become an excellent facilitator who is able to journey deeply with her clients. Her gentleness and quiet understanding are very evident; she is able to be with clients in a truly supportive, unobtrusive way. I’ve had several profound sessions with her and will very likely have more. Highly recommended!” Fiona Robertson

“I love being facilitated by Olaug. She provides a sense of comfort, acceptance and ease in her sessions, allowing me to feel safe in expressing my deepest fears and concerns. As well, she embodies a deep well of wisdom and confidence that holds and welcome me to truly be myself.” S .B .

“How is receiving a session from Olaug? It’s an amazing experience. She is quite skilled and knows her craft…. but…the cherry on the cake is her presence and availability and support within the session.The cake is exquisite but the cherry is catapulting the whole experience to a whole new level. Don’t just trust me, experience it by yourself…I did enjoy it immensely.” Nino (certified facilitator)

Living Inquiries Facilitator Olaug Rønningsdalen interviewed by Marcia Martin concerning her interest in the mystery of being human and the Living Inquiries. (6:22 min)

Olaug’s deepest desire is to know and understand the mystery of being human. She had studied many different modalities including bodywork, hypnotherapy and Family Constellations before training in the Living Inquires. She feels that her interest stems from her desire to see and understand herself and has been using the Living Inquiries for her own deepening for the last year and a half but she has also been a therapist for more than 20 years.

In her work with clients, Olaug is now combining the power of the Living Inquiries with Family Constellations to help identify and release many of these old patterns and is offering a course in January 2020 to give people the opportunity to explore working in this way and to benefit from her experience.