Mari Eckhoff Tveito

Oslo, Norway
English, Norwegian, Swedish, Danish


The Living Inquiries and me bumped into one another at a time in my life when I felt utterly alone. The spiritual search had driven me into a corner where I was alienated from everything and everyone, while trying to whip myself into enlightenment. I had an unshakeably clear sense that I was living backwards and there had to be a simpler way.

A deep unease had taken over – grief, depression and anxiety knocked me to the ground. I had tried eating it away. I had tried not eating. I had tried solitude, company, self-improvement, affirmations, meditation, as well as a heap of healing modalities. Now all my activities had come to a full stop and culminated in isolation, bed-ridden-ness, living on social welfare benefits, the whole shebang.

Somewhere inside, I was tired of fighting: I knew there was only one thing to do. I let my plans, my career and my life fall to shambles and decided to dive right in. Instead of trying to go through it alone I gave myself the gift of facilitation. Having someone gentle and skilled sit with me and guide me into the places I didn’t dare to face alone was the sweetest thing. Scott and the L.I. facilitators could welcome all of me. To say outloud those deep dark words I thought no human being would ever accept, and then be met the way I had always longed to be met – with love, simplicity and openness; for me that was, and continues to be, profoundly intimate and indescribable.

Very soon I entered the facilitator training. I got intimate with all of it. And it took willingness: willingness to relax into “I don’t know” and a willingness to trust my feelings over my thoughts about them. Daring to go gently into the scariest places without an agenda.

I made friends with adversity through listening, curiosity and respect. Adversity is like the bogeyman – he wears a scary mask and it appears that he really is coming to get you. But I trust now that it isn’t so, because every time I peek behind his mask I find nothing but gems. Unspeakable, silent gems. Gems beyond understanding. And that makes life exciting.
The Living Inquiries couldn’t take me from intense suffering into OK-ness. What could was the deep rest and spaciousness, the loving, wordless presence that is so inevitable in a good session. If you ask me, that presence is where the war ends and true OK-ness with life is born. And from there eagerness, enthusiasm, self-love and joy can appear effortlessly. When you’re willing to look, the truth might be sweeter than you think.

I’ve been a certified facilitator since 2013 and my passion is providing a space where it is safe to open. You really don’t have to do this alone. No subject is too big or too small. Bring your adversity and let’s go looking there, in that presence. I haven’t found a bogeyman yet.

Mari offers:

  • Private L.I. and Real Time Looking sessions
  • Real Time Looking for couples and teams
  • Weekly group L.I. facilitations at a low cost

“You are an amazing loving presence, and I would love to tell the world what a difference you have made for me. My heart is filled with JOY as I recall our session together. I am grateful for your sweet tender angelic care. Thank you for creating an extraordinary loving, accepting, and healing space for me to BE and to let the tears fall freely. Thank you for helping me heal my heart.” Trang, U.S.

“Remarkably, I have felt like a completely different person since our session! There was something about that process of mentally stopping at various points along the timeline of my past 13 years and not being able to find “the one who made a mistake” that has really changed the way I experience reality now. Previously I was wracked with guilt and shame over my decision to leave the relationship, I felt angry at myself most of the time and had very little patience with my son. That experience though, somehow exposed my doubting mind so clearly that I no longer feel drawn into its trap – it’s like when my “Oh God I’ve made a mess of our lives” talk starts up there’s a part of me that just smiles at it and fobs it off before it can gain any momentum. What an incredible relief!!!!” – Ivana, Australia

“I wholeheartedly recommend Mari as a Living Inquiries facilitator. I trust her thoroughly in sessions, and I’m able to relax fully into the looking. She once described facilitating with this insight: “I’m just helping the other person to focus.” Mari adds nothing extra, and leaves nothing out. She is calm, gentle and skilled, and has a strong awareness of what makes LI so special.” – Carin Channing, former Living Inquiries trainer

Mari Tveito interviewed by Olaug Rønningsdalen on how she was drawn to the Living Inquiries. (10 min)

Mari comments: “I was interested in non-duality and I read on Jed McKenna’s site that the Living Inquiries were a wonderful way to have a direct experience of Awareness. I was feeling desperate and struggling with over-eating so I contacted Scott Kiloby for a set of sessions and during those began to glimpse what it was like to live without ‘glasses’ – without fears and concepts and expectations. So I soon signed up for the facilitator training.

These tools are the most important ones I have ever learned in my life – I explore many other perspectives but Living Inquiries have created the most movement and deepening for me and I always come back to them.”