Marcia Martin

Miami, Florida, US


My first memories were of “not belonging,” of being “pushed out” and “not being seen.” I guess I felt that nobody was really seen, I am not sure. I had an experience in my early teens where I just disappeared! As I sat watching a sunset, I was totally immersed in the beauty of it. No separation, no need to be seen, no needs, just the experiencing. The polarity of these experiences moved me in the direction of working with Autistic children. I felt so at home with them; I could see the kids and adults that I interacted with and loved my work. Again, I seemed to lose the sense of me as I worked with these amazing people. I moved through life with many beautiful opportunities and after growing up in Texas, landed in the Florida Keys, working with kids and adults and swimming with dolphins every day. What a joy!

The spiritual search had always been a part of this experience I call life. I was familiar with Self Inquiry but, I must admit, I think I used it as a means to avoid suffering. It was so easy to drop in and discover what I really was, but I seemed to bypass all that I was not. The result of this was that all of the old triggers remained and I did not have the skills or know how to see through them. People and situations would bring up sensations and emotions and I did not understand how this seemed to control my experience of life. It was as if I felt guilty or ashamed if there was a sense of me, somehow. I had failed.

I met Scott Kiloby at a SAND conference. I was immediately drawn to his simple and humble way of being. A few years later I asked a question concerning another person and his question stopped me in my tracks. “Are you suffering?” The answer was a big YES! I was suffering and the Living Inquiries offered a simple and direct way of looking at this suffering. Much of the meditation, seeking, and service work shifted at this point. Meditation shifted to a more natural sense of noticing and relaxing with what was present. The simple act of noticing my current experience and being able to name it was immensely helpful. I began to discover how my “conditioning” colored much of my experience and I felt that I had a way to really discover just what made “me” tick.

In 2012, I went through facilitator training and became a Certified Facilitator of the Living Inquiries (2013). What a gift! When people ask how the Living Inquiries have affected my life, I have to respond with, “Everything has changed and yet nothing has changed.” I have the ability to actually look at what I am experiencing—the good, the bad and the ugly—and, dropping those labels, be with what is. I remember one experience of realizing “It is all so innocent.” The Inquiries are a simple and direct way of looking at everything: feelings, stories, labels, concepts. We can look at it all.

I have continued to work with individuals and support classes and facilitator trainings over the last three years. Having the opportunity to hold space with someone as they inquire is an experience that makes my heart smile. I am here for you if you want to take a look.

“I love having sessions with Marcia. There’s something about her presence, and her pace, that is so restful and so accepting in itself. She creates a space in which it feels natural to drop deeply into my experience, however difficult or painful that is in the moment. Everything inevitably unravels in a beautiful way in sessions with her.” F.R.

“Working with Marcia is a very effective reminder for me that I am not who I think I am. She patiently leads me in ungluing my thoughts, pictures, and body sensations so that I can go beyond the little me and experience my true nature. I love resting with no thought, so peaceful and still–no problem anywhere. And then Marcia is adept at bringing me back to the issues I’m facing in the conventional world, focusing me on feelings and body sensations I tend to bypass, ending with compassion for myself–a real gift. At the end of each session I am grateful for our interchange.” S.B.

“Marcia is one of my top go-to facilitators when I need a session. Her guidance is gentle, yet thorough, and her pacing is relaxed and easy. She is a gifted artist when it comes to helping one explore their deepest beliefs and stories. That ability comes from her own sense of peace, clarity and presence. Thank you Marcia. 5 out of 5 stars!” J.E.

“I will forever be grateful to Marcia Martin, my Living Inquiries facilitator, for her kind and gentle guidance into clarity. I am still amazed at the level of peace and understanding which was so easily attained in just a few sessions. Thank you, Marcia.” J.G.

Living Inquiries Facilitator Marcia Martin interviewed by Sumitra Judith Burton. (7:25 min)

Marcia shares the story of her rich and fascinating career in Behavioral Psychology working with autistic children and adults in the water with dolphins, and with people around the world with every kind of disability.

Her interest in the Living Inquiries began when she met Scott Kiloby at a SAND Conference where she asked him a question about an issue with a family member. Scott responded by asking about her own suffering. Marcia then became trained as a facilitator and has used the Living Inquiries for unravelling her personal conditioning, as well as for facilitating sessions with others since 2013.