Lava Mechthild Ewersmeyer

Santa Fe, New Mexico, US
Berlin, Germany
English, German


In addition to being a certified facilitator for the Living Inquiries (LI) and a certified facilitator for The Work of Byron Katie (TW), I am also certified in the Kiloby Inquiries (KI) using newer inquiry based mindfulness techniques developed by Scott Kiloby and his team through working with clients at the Kiloby Center for Recovery to work with addiction, trauma, anxiety, depression, and general unhappiness with life.

From early on I traveled the road of questions bringing a curiosity into every part of life, into the obvious and the hidden, and at times, opposing everything and being a rebel.

For the past 35 years I have worked as a facilitator across the world helping people to expand awareness, shift patterns and be more engaged in life and work. However within the various processes which I offered, I noticed that I wasn’t paying enough attention to the body. Awareness was happening on a mental level, but it didn’t reach every cell of the body and was not being integrated into the whole being.

In 2011 I discovered the Living Inquiries and I experienced an entirely different integration of body and mind.

My journey with the Living Inquiries brought me to a place of less resistance and avoidance of feeling my feelings, and for the first time I found I was able to rest in sensations, without a story, knowing I was not them. My compulsion to be perfect and efficient, to improve, to become ‘better’, turned into laughter and an ability to experience myself more lightly. Examining my assumptions that I had taken to be real and seeing them for what they are led to taking myself not so seriously anymore.

For years I had searched for a home and strived for a sense of belonging, experienced turmoil and heartbreaks, anger and shame. With the Living Inquiries I can now rest in the ‘don’t know mind’ and hold the paradox lightly. The result has been greater feelings of connection and joy, and peace in the moment. I’m able to welcome all that arises equally.

The Living Inquiries and The Work of Byron Katie are the basis from which I facilitate now. My background includes the Expressive Arts (drawing, writing and movement), bodywork and nature. My training includes body/mind integrative therapy, subtle energy work, Zen clowning and the Life/Art Process.

I love to work with people who are ready to look at themselves, at how they operate in this world and where they hold back and to help them to find out who they truly are, to live life fully and in an embodied way.

To the Inquiries I bring a gentle directness and a laser sharp focus while holding you safely in your exploration.

So bring your ‘desperate needs’, your ‘compulsive wanting’, your ‘terrors’, your shoulds and have tos and all those no, no, No! – never agains… and if you want to lose yourself, find yourself, relax compulsions, ease anxieties and find more freedom, I would love to facilitate you.

I invite you to check out my website:

Rest – Inquire – Enjoy life

“Thank you for all these years of working one-on-one with me, for your ability and willingness to ‘hold the neutral space’ that I feel the inquiries require that allows ME to do my work without having to worry about what you are thinking. I can actually feel your relaxed acceptance of all and everything. What a relief. Thank you for your amazing ability to be still, centered and fully attentive to what I am saying. Thank you for graciously keeping me “on topic” when fear makes me want to wander off. As I watch you do your own work, you show me the deeper possibilities the inquiries hold.”

Mary-Margaret Moore, New Mexico

“While coming in somewhat over focused on the “need to make the right (business) decision”, your commitment to the Living Inquiries protocol, released the associated anxiety and struggle in such a natural way, replacing ineffective “pros and cons” agony, fear of regret and fear of making the wrong decision with clarity. What an experience it was to watch fears, struggle and compulsions just melt away.

LI with you provides not only instant relief but also lasting shift in how I literally ‘view’ the world, without particular attachment to concepts and thoughts, feelings and body sensations or charged images. I appreciate your consistency of not providing advice, and allowing the process simply unfold with such impactful results.”

Ilona, LMSW, Michigan

“I loved Lava’s gentle, nonjudgmental approach to facilitation. She really helped me find and name (which I have struggled with on my own) what I was looking for. Her intuitive ability to weave together all the living inquiries has been invaluable in my experience of this work. She is a first-rate guide.”

Dan M., Florida