Kristy Johnsson

Wyoming, United States


I began experiencing intense emotional pain at a very young age. As the years went by, I tried endless ways of coping, getting love, and feeling at ease with myself. At times, the intensity of the pain felt beyond what I could bear. While things slowly improved, I was often still struggling with extremely critical thoughts, shame, persistent anxiety, and bouts of depression.

I found some reprieve through meditation and certain spiritual approaches, but I felt some resistance to the message that I just needed to reach some state of eternal peace and oneness. I believed this enlightened state was a kind of dissociation from the living Earth and from humanity, a world that seemed to mirror my pain but was also one I cared deeply about. While I was desperate for relief, something about transcending the world and my pain-ridden body felt wrong.

About 5 years ago, I began doing a very crude inquiry process on my own after being facilitated by a somatic therapist. I suddenly understood why I felt so resistant to transcending my body’s experience and the pain of the world around me. When I began working with a Living Inquiries facilitator, I saw that with patient, compassionate support and curiosity, this process can be immensely powerful. I never stop being in awe of it.

These days, my inner world is quieter, my sensitivity to my body and to others is much deeper, and my sense of ease with myself is far more consistent. The Living Inquiries supported my nervous system in doing what it naturally wanted to do, feeling more like an alliance with my body’s intelligence rather than an attempt to control it. And I’ve gained clarity not just within myself, but with my relationship to the world I live in. I’m grateful beyond words.

As a licensed therapist, this work has also been invaluable for me professionally. I’ve received training in and utilized EMDR and Brainspotting, both of which also rely on the nervous system’s innate wisdom to integrate unresolved trauma. I’ve worked with people of all backgrounds in both community mental health settings and private practice, navigating all sorts of experiences and challenges. I find the Living Inquiries to be my preferred method because of its flexibility, gentleness, and capacity to bring about profound insights, and the attunement it encourages between client and facilitator.

I’m happy to work with individuals on all issues, and I have a passion for individuals wanting to explore their emotions, beliefs, and relationship to broader national and global issues. Please feel free to reach out to see if we’re a good fit.

“I worked with Kristy during a very challenging time, when I faced my deepest trauma. I am really grateful for our sessions. She helped me look at my trauma in a way that felt very safe. I felt a lot of support from her, which allowed me to go deeper, stay with the intensity and slowly unravel things.
Thanks Kristy!”
– A.T.

“When Kristy began training in the Living Inquiries, I was struck by her deep willingness to look at every aspect of her own experience, including childhood trauma, shame, relationships and anxiety. Having been a trainer of this work for some years, I have seen time and again that those who immerse themselves fully are much more able to guide others into their own looking. The sessions I’ve had with Kristy have been profound, touching into the depths of myself, raw emotion and insight included. Her gentle holding of whatever emerges makes it possible to go into places it would be hard to access on my own. Most importantly, I feel safe in her hands, knowing that she will never judge me or my experience. I highly recommend her as a facilitator.”
– Fiona Robertson, Living Inquiries Trainer

“I came to Kristy with a couple of things that had been bothering me. How she helped me pick the really hot topic got me straight to where I needed to be. She had me gently paying attention to a small flutter in my stomach. That unfolded into something like a film clip, with details I never knew I remembered. The bottom line was amazing: this deep, felt insight into how I was continuously trying to save myself, and why. When the session came to a natural close, to my surprise we had basically covered all of my starting issues. Kristy’s gentle, knowing guidance and full acknowledgement of my experience, through laughter and tears, was exactly what I needed – what anyone needs as far as I’m concerned. This is a wonderful journey, and I’m thankful.”
– A.Z.

Kristy Johnsson interviewed by Lisa Meuser on what led her to somatic work and the Living Inquiries (7:29 min)

Kristy describes how studying climate change, practicing meditation, learning about trauma and experiencing somatic therapy led to a personal shift in relationship to both her emotions and thoughts, and her perspective on the bigger problems we face.

She believes the Living Inquiries are a form of healing that doesn’t just make our personal lives and relationships healthier, but “is a form of profound activism” within ourselves, enabling us to bring true health out into our world.