Hanneke Geraeds-de Vries

Venlo, Nederland
Dutch, English

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I live in Belfeld/Venlo in the South of the Netherlands together with my husband and our three children. I’m a professional counsellor and coach with my own practice.

My first encounter with the Living Inquiries was mind-blowing: in April 2012 during an online session with Scott Kiloby I discovered that what I thought I was (most of the time that was some version of “I’m not good enough as I am”), was just a concept. That became very clear and surprisingly simple. It ended my search. That’s how powerful the Living Inquiries are.

But they can do even more! In my daily life they help me whenever someone or something triggers me. And that happens far less frequently. It isn’t always comfortable feeling the raw energy of emotions completely, but it is doable and always rewarding. I’m surprised again and again by what I’m left with after this simple (self) inquiry: often there is love and peace; sometimes there is just happiness and beauty in everything. A continuous un-covering of Life!

The Living Inquiries have changed my life: automatic patterns fell away, for example the need to please, the dread of future events, and the shame I felt around being nervous. I hardly experience resistance anymore. Instead a basic trust emerged, a trust that everything that happens can be embraced and that it is healing to do so. I can rest now, allowing myself to be guided by life itself. From this place I can meet others and myself, exactly as we are.

If it works for me, it will work for you too! That’s why I became a certified facilitator. My empathic ability is what characterizes me. I facilitate online sessions, both in English and in Dutch. Do you live nearby? You’re welcome to visit my practice. At schools I also give training courses for children involved with bullying. These training courses are based on the Living Inquiries.

I’m happy to meet you, wherever you are now. I’ll be truly there for you, without any bias or judgment at all, to be the catalyst of your power to heal yourself.

Hanneke Geraeds-de Vries interviewed by Melanie Balint Gray on what still piques her interest, still gets her excited about using the Living Inquiries (5:36 min)

Hanneke comments:

“For me, the Living Inquiries are about trusting life. I’ve discovered that I can trust where life is taking me and that I can face life however it shows itself”. And something about a pigheaded horse…

“Hanneke is a wonderful facilitator who has mastered the Inquiries in both English and Dutch. She is our first facilitator in the Netherlands. I personally trained her so I know her skills are great! Give Hanneke and these Inquiries a try. I think you will be pleasantly surprised at how effective the Inquiries are and how gracefully and compassionately Hanneke guides you through them.” Scott Kiloby

“I got to know Hanneke as a facilitator of Scott Kiloby’s Living Inquiries. This special method based in non-duality couldn’t have anyone better in the Netherlands than Hanneke as a pioneer and representative. Due to her peace and the space she makes for whatever appears, you’re immediately at ease.

With great trust she facilitates your inner search, carefully in the loving essence that distinguishes her method.

I’ve referred multiple clients to her and will keep doing that because she has the special talent of letting others connect with his or her true identity. The Living Inquiries work fantastically well. Hanneke makes space for extraordinary developments within her clients: developments they themselves didn’t dare to hope for.” Arold P.R. Langeveld

“At the end of September 2014 after countless therapeutic wanderings I dropped dead tired at Hanneke’s. I didn’t know what I was searching for anymore or what I wanted to find. I just was very tired. Tired of searching; searching, searching but never finding. I did everything in the field of self-improvement, but the perishable date seemed always limited. It was never enough. No, I didn’t have anything to lose, even not the idea that I could win anything.

This seemed to be the ideal breeding ground for the Living Inquiries and Hanneke was the peaceful power that effortlessly moved me to step back again and again. Not forward, as I was used to doing and as I had been taught. No, according to Hanneke I needed to go back; but all the way. As far as the cradle and preferablyfurther. And that was what I did.

During the Living Inquiries I looked at Hanneke, I saw convictions arise, feelings appear. In two hours of time I died 1000 deaths and resurrected. It happened on its own. Everything passed on its own! But I couldn’t suspect that myself. Like an onion I was peeled, layer after layer. Gone was the control freak, gone the anorectic, gone the Duracell Bunny!

With Hanneke I was washed white, became brand new again.

And that beautiful newness stays! And what happens to all that other stuff? Sometimes it visits me again, but what is a bunny anyway? Actually it is a sweet animal, but you shouldn’t try to catch it. That’s everything. But if I dug in the mud again and believe myself filthy and messy once more, I know I’m always welcome at Hanneke’s where I can bathe myself, but if the soap isn’t sufficient, then without embarrassment I’ll use your “Vanish”!

You’re great! Hanneke, thank you! You’re a sweetheart and an awesome facilitator!” Pleun Vermaas