Fiona Murphy

British Columbia, Canada


From the time I was young, I remember myself as curious – I had many questions, that I didn’t ask, as it seemed that no one else thought the way I did, and certainly didn’t ask the questions that I thought about. I can only describe my inner experience as one of yearning and longing. So in my early twenties I went to see a psychiatrist, because I thought something was wrong with me. She simply smiled and said I was more normal “than I could imagine.” I left feeling like something was missing, and I experienced an inability to settle and relax in myself.

I became a registered nurse, primarily to be able to alleviate the suffering of others, but after a few years, became fascinated by the emotional aspects of people’s lives and went to university to become a registered social worker. It was during this time that I realized that all the certificates and degrees in the world were of little use, if the best tool I had (myself) was marred by obscurations.

Thus began a long journey of self-exploration culminating in the discovery of the Living Inquiries. I consider the Living Inquiries a freeway into my drive to know mine (and others) capacity for growth and love as human beings. The LI’s allow long held ideas and constructs that interfere with this capacity, to drop away, and allows me to see who I actually am. What joy! What freedom! I love being facilitated, and I love facilitating. It is truly an honor to be with people as they open to themselves. The level of intimacy that occurs in this process never ceases to amaze me.

“I’ve had the pleasure and privilege of getting to know Fiona since she joined the living Inquiries facilitator training programme in the autumn of 2014. Already a well-qualified and experienced therapist, Fiona was willing to dive right in to learning afresh. She has been totally open to exploring her own patterns, behaviours, and history, and this level of self-exploration means that she’s absolutely able to guide her clients through even the most difficult or challenging terrain.”

“A very thoughtful, caring, and competent certified facilitator, Fiona continues to be fully engaged in the Living Inquiries community. Her wisdom, good humor intelligence, and open-heartedness are a delight to both her clients and her fellow facilitators. Her many years of working with people, her deep understanding of the human condition, and her absolute professionalism ensure that she’s a very safe pair of hands. I wholeheartedly recommend her as a Living Inquiries facilitator.” Fiona Robertson, Living Inquiries Facilitator/Trainer

“I am so grateful for the skill and precision of Fiona’s facilitation of the Living Inquiries. With Fiona’s guidance I was able to drop deeply into a strong contraction in my throat that I had been struggling with for about two years. It was hearing Fiona’s voice and trusting her compassionate support that made it possible for me to explore this contraction, when in the past it had seemed completely blocked and impenetrable. As it opened I began to experience deep healing around childhood trauma that I had no access to prior to working with Fiona. Thank you Fiona and I look forward to working with you again.” Candace, British Columbia