Dorene Palmer

Dublin, Ireland


I have been a life-long seeker, but also a life-long lover: of sanctuary, of resonance, of expansion, presence and being. I have been steeping in fields of presence for many decades, and this is my calling and love. Like many of us, along the way, I have been challenged and confronted by patterns, traumas and issues, and have found ways to work with these in embodied, undefended and courageous ways. I have a particular resonance with themes of unworthiness, inadequacy and self-expression.

In my life I have found the Living Inquiries profoundly beneficial. The most valuable impact of the Inquires is really knowing and trusting in a deeply embodied way that presence itself includes everything: the pain, suffering, fear, pleasure and joy. When whatever arises is embraced in genuine presence, it is liberated and comes to rest.

I welcome those who share my wish to be fully present– even curious – in meeting whatever is arising, and sensing the layers peel away. Be that: spiritual seeking or bypassing, relational or sexual issues including sexual identity, financial matters or deep-seated unworthiness.

The gift of Inquiry is here for you, feel free to contact me for a introductory chat or a session. All are welcome!

“I have found my Living Enquiry sessions with Dorene just so valuable… After years and years of talking therapy, I made huge breakthroughs after just one session, cutting through the story I had been attached to for so so long. Doreen helped me break several deeply entrenched believe systems I was operating from and the work we have done together has been so freeing. Years and years of rigid limiting beliefs fell away, exposing a beautiful truth. I feel like a few sessions with Dorene surpassed several years with other therapeutic modalities. She helps you make the connections yourself and enables you to do the work and fully realise you have all the answers within you. She gently and lovingly guides you to deep places where this internal wisdom lies and allows you to find the truth yourself. This in turn means the work you do with her can cause huge internal shifts when you get real ‘Ah ha’ moments…The process has been so empowering and life changing. I Honestly can’t ever thank Dorene enough.” L.Tanner. UK. (2020)

“Dorene is a gem. I had the pleasure of sitting with her in person and over Skype and found her to be a wonderfully warm, authentic, loving lady who listened with a truly compassionate heart. The Living Inquiries helped me to deal with an issue that had been bugging me for a very long time and when combined with the safe and comfortable space that Dorene created, the issue lightened and I felt a very significant shift in consciousness. I have subsequently used the techniques that Dorene gave me and found that they continue to benefit me in many ways. I would say that simply sitting with Dorene is deeply healing and transformative.” Eoin Glynn

“…I was having some problems a few years ago and I did some Living Enquiries sessions with Dorene…the sessions really helped me to come back to myself…to find the peace and stillness at the root of everything…I felt held by Dorene’s gentle presence while she guided me skilfully through the enquiry…I feel so grateful to have been met in this way…the Living Enquiries are such a clear and simple way to see what is real and what is not…” U. Boyd, Ireland

“Dorene’s presence in the Inquiries is deep and supportive. Her intimacy with the Inquiries and her understanding of them allow for a genuine openness to whatever may be revealed with Inquiry. This sincere quality of devotion and openness to what may be revealed in presence offers clients a deep resonance with their own inherent completeness.

In my experience this allowed for a natural resonance with that which is whole, a seeing through of the identities and ideas that obscured presence.” D.B., Ireland