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Portland, Oregon, US


We experience many stressful events throughout our lives, yet we don’t often get the opportunity to safely meet and be with our experiences in a way that allows for natural unwinding to occur. In a session I will offer you a safe space in which everything is allowed to be here exactly as it is. Whatever arises within your experience will be fully welcomed and given all the room to be expressed and looked at.

In my experience, once everything is allowed to be here just as it is and met fully with love and delicate care, whole new avenues within can begin to open up. Life transforms and unfolds in ways we could never have imagined.

Coming from many years of painful and difficult life experiences myself, I can relate intimately to those going through deep depression, anxiety, uncertainty and confusion. The Living Inquiries helped me to dismantle these painful places so that now when they surface the thoughts and feelings that create these states are less and less believed to be solid and true. Also, I am able to shift into new places and perspectives much more quickly than before. Today, I find in myself a capacity to meet life with a greater sense of spaciousness and natural wisdom.

What I absolutely love in doing the Living Inquiries is being able to listen and look deeply with others to experience what’s real, what’s here, and the connection that’s possible.

I am grateful and excited to work with anyone who is willing and ready to do this kind of inner work. I look forward to meeting you – just as you are.

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“Kelley came through the Living Inquiries Facilitator Training program with flying colors, not just because she’s mastered the techniques, but because she’s been willing to look deeply into all her own issues. It’s that very willingness to do her own looking that means she’s able to be fully present to others as they inquire into even the most painful places.

A while back, I had a session with Kelley on food issues, something that’s been with me since I was very young, and I saw a real change afterwards. I’ve simply stopped my after-dinner snacking on sweet stuff. I’ve had several other sessions with her, and always gone deep. In fact, I’d happily have a session with Kelley any time. I’m delighted to wholeheartedly recommend her as a Living Inquiries facilitator.” Fiona Robertson, Senior Living Inquiries Facilitator/Trainer

“I had the honor of working with Kelley facilitating the Living Inquiries. I had been having an emotionally heavy time and wasn’t sure what issue to work with exactly – only knowing I wanted some space and relief with what I was feeling. She was so gentle and intuitive, asking questions that guided me very deep very quickly. I felt really heard and held as I described what I was feeling and what images arose for me. At each step, she was right there with me, listening and helping navigate through to an ultimate spaciousness and peace. One aspect I took away from the session with her was the sense that, going forward, I could stay with whatever I was feeling – Kelley helped me feel safe and okay with every sensation and emotion that came up. I highly recommend doing inquiry with Kelley. Her presence is soft, intuitive and powerful.” Emily Blake

“Kelley Duilio was skillfully sensitive in listening to the murmurs and mumblings of my under-psyche gently leading me into whole inner-worlds whose doors for years I’ve been trying to batter down through exhaustive efforts. By gently guiding and holding space for deeper and deeper peering, it helped me to find that the keys were, and are, in my pocket all along. Within the first hour of our first session, she imparted the very heart of her technique unto me – no secrets – enabling and empowering me to work with my inner, unconscious child in deeper, fuller, and softer ways. There was no integration period – the shifts just happened, and to this moment, have lasted. I’ve worked with many incredible and even renowned healers, and Kelley is unique for her humility, her grace, and her natural, embodied talent of teaching the very arts she has applied to herself. Her power and attentiveness is piercing, though truly subtle, fluid, and in no way overbearing, pretentious, or assuming.” Blake Robert