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Paul Galewitz

Victoria, BC, Canada

After many years of seeking, which included countless hours of meditation, leading and attending meditation groups, studying various teachings, attending and leading many workshops, reading a whole bunch of books, even traveling to India, I realized one day that no matter how much I tried to improve myself, I would never get “there.” Wherever “there” is.

Thus began a process of realizing that the peace, love and contentment I had been seeking all those years was within, not without, and had been within all along. This process was extremely painful in many ways, as I was holding many beliefs about who I was and what I needed to do in order to find that peace I was so busy seeking. Integral in redirecting my looking from outside of myself to within was my discovery of the work of Scott Kiloby, and eventually, the Living Inquiries.

The Living Inquiries are the most effective tool for relieving suffering that I have ever found. It has been my privilege to use the Living Inquiries to help notice exactly what is causing us to suffer, and once noticed, to watch the suffering melt away. All it requires is a willingness, a readiness, to stop, even if for a moment, and notice what is actually going on in our experience.

Addictions, compulsions, anxieties, deep beliefs about ourselves, and many other conditions can all be examined using these remarkable techniques.

Another wonderful facet of this work is that a person can learn to self-facilitate, and therefore use these techniques for themselves whenever the need arises. The value of this cannot be overestimated. Many times I have used these techniques on myself when I have hit tough stretches, and I can personally attest to their effectiveness.

I worked as a facilitator at the Kiloby Center for Recovery for 10 months before moving to Oregon,and during that time, I was able to witness many remarkable transformations and healings for clients who were willing to look at whatever was happening for them in any given moment.

I have continued to work with clients since leaving the Center, either in person, or more frequently, over the internet.

What I want to do, from the deepest part of me, is to share the experience of finding that treasure within each of us with those who are interested. The Living Inquiries have been an integral part of awakening for me, and I would love to share this opportunity with you.

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Kind. Sweet. Gentle. Present. Open. Trustworthy. These are just a few of the qualities at the heart of Paul’s nature, and they shine through in his facilitation, like a soft, gentle breeze that flows through your very being. When working with him, you will find yourself relaxing and opening, willing to face anything that happens, coming out the other side having been fully supported by his presence and skill. What a treat to be facilitated by Paul.” Julianne Eanniello, Senior Living Inquiries Facilitator, Kiloby Center for Recovery.

“Paul has a profound ability to use and teach the Living Inquiries. He has shown me how to integrate this method into my day-to-day life. Through his integrity he holds a sacred and safe space in which I have grown. He has a wonderful sense of humor and always makes me feel comfortable and validated. His genuine and caring manner have allowed me to accept my  situation and use it as a stepping stone in my awakening.”  R.S.

“I have been facilitated by Paul many times, and his generous and patient presence have been so important to the process of taking apart the various stories I have been telling myself, to my detriment, for years. Paul has the ability to listen deeply, and his questions have often led me deeper into an inquiry than I would have thought possible. I highly recommend him as a Facilitator. He does the Kiloby community proud!” Helen Luce, Living Inquiries Facilitator