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A Note from Scott Kiloby, Founder of the Living Inquiries Community

It is with the utmost respect and pleasure that I introduce the Living Inquiries Facilitators to anyone and everyone who discovers this work. The facilitators are a compassionate, wise and skillful band of individuals who are truly devoted to the Living Inquiries and helping people finding the inner peace, love and freedom they are looking for. Each facilitator has a unique style of his or her own. There is no dogma here. There is only an invitation to look into your own experience, with the help of people who are trained to hold the space for that looking and guide you in skillful ways. You are in the best of hands!

If you are first coming to this work and wondering whether it is for you, I can only say give it a try. A couple of sessions are all you need to discover how effective these tools can be. If it’s not for you, you can move onto something else. But virtually everyone finds something insightful, helpful and transformative about this work. People often email me asking me to work with them online. My response is to point them to these facilitators. Not only do I trust that they are fully capable of helping guide people to true freedom, but I get sessions from them from time to time. I wouldn’t turn to any other method. I am only interested in what works. That’s how much I trust this process and the skill of these facilitators.