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Helena Weaver

Burwash Common, East Sussex, UK

Email: [email protected]
Website: www.theworkwithhelena.com

I discovered the Living Inquiries in 2012. I was immediately drawn to this way of inquiring, especially to the Anxiety Inquiry which Fiona Robertson and Scott Kiloby had developed as a way to directly address states of anxiety. I’ve been practising The Work of Byron Katie inquiry method since 2004 which has transformed so much of my life – for instance it enabled me to face the death of my beloved mother, closely followed by the sudden, unexpected death of my sister with grounded, open acceptance and to be the key support to others of our community in their grief. And I had stepped  into a steady, committed, intimate relationship for the first time.   I was in successful practice as an energy therapist working effectively and supportively with clients.  As an artist I was in creative flow and had started exhibiting for the first time in years. All seemed well.

However, I was aware that I was still subtly, chronically gripped by anxiety, and that I suffered with a sense of underlying deep-in-the-body depression. I knew it was the remaining trauma held deep inside at a level I had not been able to access – the inheritance of constantly moving home as a child and growing up with parents in the warzone of their frequent conflict.  On some level, there was still a part of me that felt like a tiny bird living in hiding, too fearful to come out and land for more than a moment to snatch a crumb.

I began to immerse myself intensively in the Living Inquiries and was amazed to see how rapidly my level of anxiety fell during those first months.  I realised that the Living Inquiries are ideal for unravelling trauma – this is such an organic, gentle way to work. It is so tender and respectful of our actual experience, it gives that experience space to be here and be felt for probably the first time ever, in safety. The effect of this is indescribably profound.

I love these Inquiries – I love this very gentle, permissive way of inquiring, of being allowed to fully experience my inner world in the moment and being given the space to let it naturally unravel itself. I love the way these Inquiries imperceptibly dissolve body tensions and mental structures about myself and my world. I love feeling the calm, quiet, expanded spaciousness that increasingly emerges through the practice of both the Living Inquiries and resting – the practice of coming into presence, into the simple rich awareness of this moment.

I love, love, love feeling safe now in my body, at last.

I also love sharing inquiry and accompanying someone else on their inner journey of unravelling.

I have a deep background in inner work, having begun my spiritual and psychological explorations in my mid-teens. Over the last 45 years, I’ve extensively explored and trained in many other complementary and traditional therapies. I have a special interest in the neuroscience of developmental trauma – which so many of us have experienced and been shaped by.

I’ve been in practice since 2004, at first working mainly with energy therapy and then adding The Work in 2009 and the Living Inquires in 2014.

If you’d like to meet me to see if I feel like someone you’d like to work with, do feel free to contact me.

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“Wow, that was powerful! You know, when we started the session, I was really quite anxious and then that sadness, grief, depression went into … just peace. Thank you very much. Really powerful.

I knew – I had such a strong intuition –  I had to work with you. I feel safe with you. Safe is an important word for me. I’ve worked with quite a few people and I don’t feel like this very often. I’m not afraid to open the doors or feelings with you. It’s so powerful. I don’t feel like this very often. I can feel it on my skin. I’m not the same person I was an hour ago.”   M.D.

 “Thank you so much for today. Your empathetic approach gave me the feeling I could relax and feel held completely secure in the process. You have the depth of experience that can hold anything that can come up in that way of deep exploration of my outer and inner life. It was so good to feel a shift in what I had been caught up in. ”   B.W.

“Thanks for yet another amazing session. So mysterious and wonderful to get to know myself from another angle. You have this Divine gift in holding up That Mirror, suddenly I am able to see more clearly what it is that I am made of, stripped bare. You encourage me in such a noble way to dare looking into The Mirror with loving eyes. Such an inspiring experience. Such ancient truth and wisdom hidden behind the veils of shame and grief and insufficiency.”  G.K.

“By participating in Living Inquiries sessions with Helena, I have been gently guided beyond my personal physical, mental and emotional ‘holding patterns’ into the realm of healing. Helena possesses a propensity for inquiring and a loving approach which allows for a calm unravelling; the body speaks for itself. It is an experience of transformation: an experience that facilitates wholeness. In the inquiring, our innate wisdom surfaces; liberation is found, and healing … happens.”  K.J.