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Webinar Series -Dissolving the Link Between Addiction, Trauma and Shame

2nd July 2017 @ 10:00 am – 12:00 pm
Online Zoom
SAND (Science and Nonduality)


Date – Videos available until 23 July 2018
Time – 0
Language(s) – English
LocationSAND (Science & Non Duality)
Length – 120 minutes per video. 4 videos.
Payment – $49
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Dissolving the Link Between Addiction, Trauma and Shame
A 4-Part webinar series with Scott Kiloby

This series is now available as a video series at the reduced rate of $49. For more information and/or view the videos, you’ll need to register and purchase access on SAND’s site. Videos will be available to view until July 23rd 2018.  

In this four part series, Scott Kiloby, founder of the Kiloby Center for Recovery, explains and demonstrates the work he is doing at the Center to help free people from addiction. Scott uses a non-dual awareness approach coupled with inquiry and deep bodywork.

Join Scott for this rich exploration where the freedom of awakening is joined with the groundedness and love of full embodiment.

Course Description:

Part 1 
Understanding the Roots of Addiction from a Nondual Perspective
In this part, Scott discusses the link between addiction and its underlying issues such as trauma, anxiety, depression and shame. At the very core of human experience is a restlessness that seems hardwired into our bodies and minds, leading us back again and again to addictive substances and activities to quiet the restlessness. This restlessness is tied directly to the sense of separation. Scott discusses how trauma and shame, especially, must be dealt with before all addictions can fall away. Although addiction is a powerful force, it can be dissolved in all its forms over time using skillful means including bodywork.
Duration: 120 mins

Part 2
Introduction to Basic Tools for Healing Addiction
In this part, Scott intoduces the Kiloby Center’s Phase 1 skills which help participants become more skillful at untangling the thoughts, emotions and sensations that are tied to addiction and the core restlessness that underlies it. This part focuses on awareness practices, simple inquiry and various other tools that have helped many at the Center.
Duration: 120 mins

Part 3 
Focus on Trauma, Shame, and the Body
Scott discusses the Center’s broad definition of trauma and how just about everyone suffers from it in one form or the other. He also demonstrates how shame is practically woven into the fabric of consciousness and how dealing with shame is absolutely necessary in order to begin healing addiction. Trauma and shame are almost always present with addiction and both have deep somatic roots. The focus of this part is on Phase 2 bodywork from the Center that untangles these bodily contractions. As trauma and shame are filtered out of our systems, addictions begin to fall away, one by one.
Duration: 120 mins

Part 4 
Dissolving Addictions, One at a Time
In this part, Scott discusses what it takes to leave all addictions behind. Unlike an initial awakening experience which can happen suddenly, recovery from addiction tends to happen gradually, as one addiction after the other falls away by dealing with the underlying issues. Scott gives a prescription for those who wish to bring his work into their daily lives. He discusses readiness as a key to recovery as well as how infinite patience plays a big role in overcoming all primary and secondary or process addictions. Scott shares his experience working with thousands of people, including teachers who continued to be addicted after their awakening.
Duration: 120 mins

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