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Spiritual Seeking Video Series

Are you tired of trying to wake up or get enlightened? Have you spent years on the spiritual path and feel like you haven’t gotten anywhere? Are you interested in taking a deeper look at your beliefs about spirituality and the “you” who is seeking? If so, this video series can help you step off the endless wheel of searching and trying to become.

In this “course” you will find sixteen videos and one audio of Julie facilitating herself on various topics including Enlightenment, Freedom, Bondage, Others Who Are Enlightened, The One Who’s Not Enlightened, The One Who’s Not Spiritual and The Witness; plus tips on self-facilitation and writings she has shared nowhere else about her experiences in using the Living Inquiries to dismantle her beliefs around seeking and enlightenment; and answers to questions from participants of a Living Inquiries 30-Day Challenge she did on this topic.

This course is not a one-size-fits-all step-by-step program with a definite end point. Rather it offers suggestions for how you can look for yourself to deconstruct your own unique conceptual framework.



If you are not already familiar with The Living Inquiries, she recommends that you also purchase her book¬†Facilitating Yourself with Scott Kiloby’s Living Inquiries, which you can find¬†HERE. This book gives a more complete background on the Inquiries and self-facilitation in general.

Click HERE to purchase the series for just $25. Julie will email you the link and password within twenty-four hours. If you want them sent to a different email than the one linked to your Paypal account, please make a note of that when you pay.