Scott Kiloby and Fiona Robertson: Joint Book Launch Discussion (2 hours 15 minutes)

Scott Kiloby and Fiona Robertson have recently published book about the Living Inquiries – Scott’s The Unfindable Inquiry and Fiona’s The Art of Finding Yourself.
In this video of the online book launch they discuss what the Living Inquiries are really about, how they came about, and much more besides, including a Q & A session with participants.


Living Inquiries and Your Nervous System
Lynn Fraser (27 minutes)

Talk from a workshop with slides and answers to participant questions. Learn about the Autonomic Nervous System, how trauma is stored in our bodies, core deficiency stories, the impact of trauma on social trust, calming emotional flooding and down-regulating anxiety through breath. The Living Inquiries provide a powerful method to let go of the energy around core deficiency beliefs and stories.

Unfindable Inquiry Part 1 of 4 -The Self (15 minutes)

Scott describes looking for The Self with the UI.

Unfindable Inquiry Part 2 of 4 -Other, (15 minutes)

Scott demonstrates how to look for The Other.

Unfindable Inquiry Part 3 of 4 -Future Objects (12 minutes)

Scott looks at what we perceive to be in the future, a common source of anxiety.  .


Unfindable Inquiry Part 4 of 4 – Body Identification (15 minutes)

How to explore body identification using the UI. .

Facilitating Yourself Part 1 – The Lonely Self (15 minutes)

Fiona demonstrates how to use the Living Inquiries to inquire into a particular self-identity, the one who is lonely.

Facilitating Yourself Part 2 – Compulsion (21 minutes)

Fiona demonstrates how to use the Compulsion Inquiry, looking at her television-watching habit.

Facilitating Yourself Part 3 – The Anxiety Inquiry (38 minutes)

Fiona, co-creator of the Anxiety Inquiry, facilitates herself on her fear of driving.


Facilitating Yourself Part 4 – The Boomerang (17 minutes)

Fiona demonstrates the Boomerang Inquiry by inquiring into a relationship conflict.

The Compulsion Inquiry (9 minutes)

Scott introduces the Compulsion Inquiry..

The Living Inquiries for Children and Bullying
Julie Klopp (17 minutes)

An interview with Living Inquiries Facilitator Hanneke Geraeds who works with children on bullying.


Anxiety Inquiry With Physical Pain: “My sinuses are killing me”
Mari Tveito (13 minutes)

A mini session of Anxiety Inquiry, showing how physical pain can reveal much more when we take a closer look.

The Living Inquiries and Health Issues (30 minutes)

A conversation between Julie Klopp, Scott Kiloby and Fiona Robertson about how the Living Inquiries can be helpful around health issues.

Self-facilitation – The Need to Make Progress
Julie Klopp (20 minutes)

In this self-facilitation, Julie explores the need to get ‘somewhere’.


Self-facilitation – The Command to Do Something
Julie Klopp (19 minutes)

Looking for the command or urge to do something, which began with a lost, aimless feeling.

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