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This book presents the Unfindable Inquiry, the central tool of the Living Inquiries approach to non-dual self-inquiry-a process author Scott Kiloby developed to help you overcome your false sense of separation and the all-too-common, deep-seated belief that you’re not good enough. With this powerful blend of psychology and spirituality, you’ll come to understand that the separate, deficient self cannot be found. What you’ll find instead is a profound sense of peace.

View the video of the online Book Launch event in which Scott Kiloby and Fiona Robertson talked about the Living Inquiries, what they are really about, how they have influenced and transformed so many people’s lives, and answer questions from the audience.

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What happens when everything you thought you knew about yourself is untrue? In The Art of Finding Yourself, author Fiona Robertson – senior facilitator and trainer of Scott Kiloby’s Living Inquiries method of self-inquiry and exploration – reflects on her own experience of discovering and living with this life-changing process. The Living Inquiries invite you on an inner journey to examine and dispel the stories that make you feel separate, inadequate, or otherwise “wrong.” With this book, you’ll learn how to deal with “the stuff of life” both before and after that false sense of self and separation has slipped away.

View the video of the online Book Launch event in which Scott Kiloby and Fiona Robertson talked about the Living Inquiries, what they are really about, how they have influenced and transformed so many people’s lives, and answer questions from the audience.

For all those in London: Fiona will be at Watkins books on Thursday, 23rd March for the launch of this book about the inquiries. It’ll be great to see you if you can make it. 

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LI BookJulie Klopp uses her experience as a former professional organizer to apply the Living Inquiries to clearing out our clutter, both practically and psychologically. Using the Inquiries to see through the beliefs and stories that lead to compulsive shopping, hoarding, paperwork and email accumulation, and everything else to do with our relationship to physical stuff, Julie shows how looking within can bring about profound change in our external environments.

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Julie Klopp’s book can help you learn to facilitate yourself on a wide variety of topics. It is full of personal examples that make it digestible, interesting, helpful, and most of all, human. It provides some really important angles and details for inquiry, which make the looking easier and more effective.

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Session Transcripts

Session facilitated by Scott Kiloby – The Attack And The One Who Is Under Attack
Session facilitated by Fiona Robertson – What Is Real?
Session facilitated by Julie Klopp – There Must Be Something More to Get
Session facilitated by Julie Klopp – Not Giving Up on Myself


Eleven Strategies That Help Me Surrender. By Lisa Meuser. Being with. Show yourself that you are important and loved—not with things, but with the gift of your attention. When I take time to care for myself, I show myself love. When I love myself, I get to experience presence.

7 Ways to tell if a Spiritual Teacher is trustworthy.   By Fiona Robertson. There are so many teachings, teachers and practices out there in the “spiritual marketplace.” How do we find our way through the maze?

The Art of Finding Yourself: Introducing the Living Inquiries.   By Fiona Robertson. Human beings have been searching for meaning and a deeper sense of self for centuries, but what if the self we believe ourselves to be isn’t who we truly are?

Wisdom or Idiocy? How to Move Beyond Sound-Byte Spirituality and Blind Conviction.  By Fiona Robertson. It’s easy to get caught up in sound-byte, feel-good spirituality rather than engaging with the truth of our present experience. Inquiring into what’s actually here leads us naturally to a deeper wisdom.

Why Yoga and Ayurveda Couldn’t Save Me.  By Julie Klopp. Not feeling safe has been one of my biggest core stories and one that I continue to investigate and unravel. It has caused me to do a lot of pretty extreme stuff in my life.

Free Hugs – Embracing the Unexpected.  By Julie Klopp. The LIs have allowed me to approach my thoughts and feelings with curiosity rather than fear. If the things I mention in this article had happened prior to my time with the LIs I don’t think I would have continued to share hugs.

I Am What I’ve Been Seeking.  By Julie Klopp. Although I don’t state it explicitly in this article, The Living Inquiries have been a key component in being released from years of inner torment, spiritual seeking and addiction to my thoughts.

You Are Already Whole and Complete – No Purchase Required.  By Julie Klopp. What if we were able to make more conscious choices about what we truly want and need in our lives, choices that aren’t based on a sense of imperfection or incompleteness?

Free Hugs – How the Movement Changed Me.  By Julie Klopp. People hunger for connection in a world that so often seems disconnected, full of negativity, and lacking in opportunities for positive, non-sexual touch. Free Hugs is a way to create that connection and I never could have put myself out there if I wasn’t doing The Living Inquiries.

The Play of Curiosity: A Meditation.  By Lisa Meuser. Using breath to tap into curiosity and the wonderment of being alive.

Embodiment: 10 Things To Know About This Buzz Word.  EmbodiWHAT? and other tales of spiritual seeking, by Lisa Meuser.

How Facing Past Trauma Can Free Our Hearts.  By Lisa Meuser. Journeying into our trauma is an important aspect of showing up fully in the present.

A Turned On Person Can Change The World.  By Lisa Meuser. Tuning into the mundane can be profoundly exhilarating.

Jesus And You: Rocking Roles Like A Superstar.  By Lisa Meuser. Exploring our roles and identities releases attachments to the past and acceptance of the present.

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