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Q & A and Other Events

We offer occasional free Q & A calls with Fiona Robertson or one of the other Senior Facilitators. You are very welcome to attend these calls to ask questions, listen, share your experience and connect with others. These calls, which usually last around an hour and a half, are an opportunity to learn more about the Inquiries, whether you are a newcomer or an experienced inquirer.

We also offer other kinds of events occasionally, both in person and online.

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Dissolving the Link Between Addiction, Trauma and Shame

Scott Kiloby, Director of the Kiloby Center for Recovery
presents a 4 Part Webinar Series
Sunday July 2nd, July 9th, July 16th and July 23rd, cost $79
Pt 1: Scott will discuss how trauma and shame, especially, must be dealt with before all addictions can fall away.
Pt 2: Scott will introduce the Kiloby Center’s Phase 1 skills which will help participants become more skillful at untangling the thoughts, emotions and sensations that are tied to addiction and the core restlessness that underlies it.
Pt 3: The focus of this part will be on Phase 2 bodywork from the Center that untangles these bodily contractions.
Pt 4: Scott will give a prescription for those who wish to bring his work into their daily lives. He will discuss readiness as a key to recovery as well as how infinite patience plays a big role in overcoming all primary and secondary or process addictions.

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A Radical Approach to Recovery from Addiction

An Online Discussion

With Scott Kiloby, Fiona Robertson, Lisa Meuser and several Certified Facilitators of the Living Inquiries

Saturday 8 July 2017

Join us for a discussion on our approach to addiction in all its forms, featuring Scott Kiloby, author of Natural Rest for Addiction and Director of the Kiloby Center for Recovery, along with several experienced Living Inquiries facilitators.

Panelists will share their personal experiences of using Natural Rest and the Living Inquiries to unravel the grip of compulsion. What exactly is addiction? How do anxiety and low self-esteem result in us reaching for ways to self medicate, including drink, drugs, foods, love and sex, binge shopping, gaming or even workaholism? We’ll talk about the roots of addictive behavior as well as the many ways that it manifests. Can using Natural Rest and Living Inquiries really make a difference?

Come and listen to the panel, ask questions, and share your own experiences.

Moderated by Fiona Robertson, Senior Facilitator and author of The Art of Finding Yourself, the panel will feature Scott Kiloby, Senior Facilitator Lisa Meuser, and several Certified Facilitators

Scott’s revised and updated book Natural Rest for Addiction: A Radical Approach to Recovery Through Mindfulness & Awareness is now available from all the usual outlets.

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