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Deepening Courses

Whether you are new to the Inquiries or you have been using them for some time, Deepening Courses are a great way to explore in more depth. Led by the Senior Facilitators, these courses enable participants to learn about and experience for themselves just how transformative this work can be.

Every Deepening Course consists of between three to five group calls (a total of six hours in either three, four or five meetings). Meeting together as a group gives us the opportunity to learn, share and resonate with one another. A safe, supportive space is created in which we can begin to investigate and inquire.

Deepening Courses are often themed, as this gives us the chance to explore an aspect of our experience in a much deeper way. We offer courses on a wide range of topics, including anxiety, trauma, money, embodiment, food and eating issues, sex addiction, childhood, and being present. We also offer women-only courses.

As well as the group meetings, each participant receives a total of six individual sessions, four with the course leader(s) and two with the certified facilitators who are supporting the course.

Each course also has a private Facebook room in which participants can discuss and share.

If you have an idea on a course you would like us to offer, please get in touch. We can also design individual Deepening Courses.

The full cost of Deepening Courses, including the group calls and six individual sessions, is $425


Deepening Course with Fiona Robertson: Childhood

Saturdays May 27,  June 3, June 10

Let’s go back to where and when it all began. It often seems that our childhood defined who and how we are as adults. Whether we remember it as an idyllic time that we long to go back to, or a nightmarish, painful time that we’ve long tried to escape from, our childhood is pivotal to our idea of ourselves.

In Living Inquiry sessions, we inevitably come back to our childhood in some way; seeing images or memories, feeling long-buried or deeply familiar feelings, and uncovering the beliefs that we’ve lived by since our youngest days. In this Deepening Course, we’ll explore this thing that we call childhood in even more detail. Was it really how we’ve believed it to be? Are we destined to be defined by it forever? Who and how did it define us, exactly? Can we come to terms with it, or even feel peace around it?

Working in a small, intimate group, we’ll share and inquire in three two-hour group meetings. Each participant will also have four individual sessions with me, and two other sessions with certified facilitators (making a total of six sessions). We’ll also have a private Facebook group in which you can share, ask questions, and get support.

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Deepening Course with Lisa Meuser: Embodiment: Getting To Know And Love All Of You

Saturdays June 24, July 15, July 29 

Embodiment is about being fully present with the “here and now” of life. Aligning with and attending to safety in the present moment is an important aspect of being able to journey through current day challenges as well traumatic/difficult experiences from our childhood/past. In this Embodiment Deepening Course we will explore how to develop the ability and capacity to slow down so that we can gently and safely turn attention toward the present moment while simultaneously tuning into our experience of the present moment- whatever that may be. We will curiously explore the realm of aliveness in our experience- sensations, energies and feelings. We’ll also be inquiring into all the thoughts and images, taking a look at what seems true, and then experiencing what’s actually true. We’ll explore barriers to experiencing wholeness, and useful resources in developing kindness with our experiences- especially with those we tend to turn away from.

When we don’t know ourselves we aren’t aware of thoughts we’re having, or our relationship to them. When we don’t know ourselves we aren’t aware of what triggers us, or even that we’re triggered. When we don’t know ourselves we don’t know what we need or want, or what has been missing with regards to our needs and wants. When we don’t know ourselves we don’t know what we’re feeling, or if it’s safe to feel. When we don’t know ourselves we become at the mercy of forces outside ourselves to take care of us because we don’t know ourselves well enough to take care of ourselves. When we don’t know ourselves it’s like having a party and all the guests showing up with masks on. Can you imagine such a party? I’m guessing there would be very little intimacy or connection. How can we love ourselves, how can we have compassion for ourselves, if we’re disconnected from ourselves?

When we know ourselves we are aware of our thoughts and if they have significance for us. When we know ourselves, we know our needs and wants, and how to get them met without resorting to drama or manipulation. When we know ourselves, we’re familiar with sensations, and how to connect with them in a way that feels safe. When we know ourselves, we can develop a reservoir of inner resourcing, which empowers us and makes it possible for us to hold space for ourselves, love ourselves and offer compassion to ourselves. When we know ourselves, we no longer feel like children caught in adult bodies, but capable human beings. When we know ourselves, we are aware – we are self-aware.

This course will utilize the Living Inquiries, the N.O.W. practice, natural rest, breathing techniques, and some gentle body movement to explore your various experiences- shame, trauma, depression, anxiety, compulsions, identities, body contractions, debilitating thoughts and/or memories and more. You will also become familiar with the nervous system, vigilance centers, the fight-flight-freeze responses, and learn about ways to support and be kind and loving with your self. Lastly, you will get to experience the different inquiries first hand, and be able to practice skills for learning how to self-inquire.

I will be facilitating and guiding you in practices which will start to re-wire your nervous system and limbic system in ways that are profound.

You will have recordings so that you can practice on your own between class dates, which will help replace old habitual behaviors with new useful behaviors. All of this will set the stage for deeper self-intimacy and knowing, with compassion and love.


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“It is hard to find words for the space that was created here by attending the Deepening Course. So many things slipped away but there is not anything specific I can describe. What I noticed since is that I am not triggered by things that used to trigger me. There is much more peace here through the day. I spend more time in the present moment than I ever have before which is such an amazing gift. These seem like the usual things that are said, but it is so much more than just the words.” M.P.

Deepening Into The Living Inquiries Using Self Inquiry with Greg Ascue and Wayne Hayland

Sundays: July 16, July 23, July 30, Aug 6, Aug 13

This class will help you learn and enable you to use the Inquiries yourself (using self-inquiry). We will exhaustively cover a variety of self-facilitation methods, exercises, and skills leading up to the point where you can do complete self-facilitations for yourself. We will also give ample opportunities to practice self-facilitation while being mentored by Certified and Senior facilitators. We will cover all of the Living Inquiries: The Unfindable, Compulsion and Anxiety Inquiries.

By the end of the class you should be able to easily and naturally employ the methods taught (in some form) in any circumstance, at any time. By practicing in this way, very deep benefits can be achieved.

Deepening into the Living Inquiries using Self Inquiry is a 5-week online course (using Zoom) available from anywhere in the world. This Deepening course (or one like it) is a required prerequisite to any invitation to future Living Inquiries Facilitator training. 

Included will be:
5 group calls (6 hours), 6 private sessions, a pdf copy of the Living Relationship book, and a private Facebook group for participants of this course to share experiences, ask questions and receive support.

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Events are shown in Pacific Time (PT) on the Events calendar. Check the details for other time zones such as Eastern Time (ET), GMT (UK time) , Central European Time (CET) or go to http://www.worldtimebuddy.com/ or https://www.timeanddate.com/ to check out the equivalent time for your own location.