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I was conditioned from birth, as almost all of are, to give my attention to objects.
We are born as pure Beings, immersed in a quiet, alive, sensing-and-perceiving consciousness. Then, so that we can have the experience of a “someone” having a personal experience, we have to be conditioned to believe and feel “What I am IS a person.”

The conditioning entails becoming interested in objects—first a toy rattle or crib-side mobile, then sweet cooing sounds, and sweet sensory experiences such as warm hugs, appealing tastes, fascinating colors. Our attention gets trained to focus on “out there,” as being more exciting, valuable and worthy than the What Is of pure, resting, alive, Consciousness.

The trouble really starts when the conditioned called, “I, a person” suddenly “lands.” This happens typically around age 2.5. Which means it took 2.5 years of steady conditioning to become a believer in the thought and feeling, “I am a someone.” “I am a fragment, cut off from the pure, always-present Life that I really am.

Suffering from believing “I am a someone, I am separate and must struggle against all these others, and against life itself,” is built in. When enough suffering has been experienced, the WAY OUT appears: Inquiry.

Inquiry, too, is built into this game. It is the ways and means to trace back or undo the conditioning. To recover our Natural state, but this time, fully aware of it, enjoying it, loving it, and being knowingly lived by It.

Inquiry is my full-time occupation. I say “Thank you, thank you, thank you,” every day that even though the conditioning happened, IT’S NOTHING—once you know the way back. At some point, you’re no longer willing to carry the weight of the conditioning, no longer willing to invest your priceless, unlimited power as consciousness, into the game of limitation. One day you say and feel, “ENOUGH!” and this is the beginning of the countdown for the false identity—the idea of a person which was cherished, protected and invested in.

“Are you an object being watched by another Presence? Or are you the Presence in whose view the idea of yourself is being watched?”—Sri Mooji

Find out! Is it your time? If so, I am here to serve you 100% in your finding out.
Complementary first session and sliding scale session fees are available.

I’ve been facilitating inquiry with The Work of Byron Katie since 2003 and The Living Inquiries since 2012. It is my great privilege to serve you in your inner journey to Truth and freedom from suffering.

My past experience includes:

• The Work of Byron Katie
(Institute for The Work Trainer)
• The Sedona Method
(Certified Coach; Assistant Director Certified Coach Program)
• Certified Practitioner, The BodyTalk System
• Pain-Body Release Coach
• Published Author
• Macrobiotic Chef and Instructor
• Ayurvedic Chef

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“I am really so grateful for your bringing forth this inquiry into emotions through the Work, and now through the Kiloby method. For the majority of my life I was so afraid of feeling my emotions and yet I craved feeling my emotions. Now I am seeing them as a gift and something else to be grateful for”.

“Elizabeth is an “emotion whisperer.” I can only give an inkling into how much I have gained in five years of working with her. I call her about five times a year, when things get really tough. I know I can dig myself out of most problems, but every once in a while I need some new support. I turn to Elizabeth to be walked through my emotions and my thoughts about them. She gently but firmly helps me see how I set myself up to suffer. She provides ways to unsuffer through attention and inquiry. Every time I call there is another way of phrasing, another angle, consistent with her perspective. I have read the writers and healers who have been sources for her thinking, but I go to Elizabeth for the accent she puts on them within a space she holds. It is such a luxury to be able to relax into the suffering while she holds me and my mind to account. This accountability restores me to right mind and it gets a little easier to do it on my own each time”.

“After a few sessions with you in the Compulsion Inquiry, I am relieved to notice there is a systemic shift. After all the years of trying other methods and approaches to overcome food compulsion, I feel this is what I’ve been looking for. Spotting the ghost image or ghost feeling, and taking the time to acknowledge it, breathe with it, feel it. All along, that ghost image has just been asking to be acknowledged. It takes time, but we worked on that in the last session—the compulsion to not want to stop and take time. All this time, there was that persistent ghost “Itch” saying “Go ahead, eat.” Now I notice it’s just an itch, wanting to be acknowledged”.